Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Neannie

I have always known that i am blessed because at the age of 31, i still have grandparents alive that i get to see pretty much all the time.

I grew up spending major holidays with both sets of grandparents- and although when i was younger that would mean driving to West Virginia, the 3 lambert kids and their parents piled into a car. And the drive wouldn't always be the easiest. There was a time when I-64 wasn't built yet, and we would have to drive through the snow-filled mountains of west virginia to get to our destination by Christmas. Once, i remember, my dad having to open up the car door so that he could see the edge of the road because it was snowing so hard! The trips weren't always the smoothest but we still went. And i have such great memories of those holidays.

Now, both sets of my grandparents have moved to Charleston, which is great to have them so close. Neannie (my mom's mom) lives 5 minutes down the road from me and Papaul and Marie (my dad's dad and his wife) live about 20 minutes away in West Ashley. Gone are the days of traveling 5+ hours for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Our holiday celebrations are easy- everyone comes over to my parent's house.

The reason why i am recalling all of this is that today, November 30, 2010, my grandmother, Norma Jean Prather, Neannie for short, turns 84 years young. She is a remarkable woman. She is a spitfire. She tells it like it is. She loves shopping, buying shoes, getting her hair done, going out to eat, and getting her nails done. She zips around town in her BMW and has a laugh that is infectious. She also calls her doctor "McDreamy" which makes smile each time i hear her say that. AND when i got my pulmonary fellowship, she bought me a bottle of champagne and we drank it together! She also is a strong woman- for 5 years she took care of my grandfather, who passed away from CHF in January 2008. She was always by his side, accompanying him to doctors appointments, putting up with him and his "itchies" and then, in his final days, helping the hospice nurses tend to him. Like i said, remarkable woman.

So today, i am wishing Neannie a very happy birthday and am thankful that i still get to spend time with her. I am thankful that Taylor knows her great-grandmother. She is amazing!

Neannie and Taylor- Dec 2009 (we need an updated picture)!

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