Saturday, October 30, 2010

Taylor IS going to kill you...

If you read the previous post. Yes, my mother cannot keep her mouth shut... Yes i did say "Chicks before dicks" because, guess what, it's true! And now that the whole "crush" thing is resolved, my mom can stop digging into my life. Do you really expect an almost 14 year old (in 6 days) to tell their mom a lot of stuff? If you answer yes, then you might want to actually have a 14 year old daughter. yes, middle school drama sucks.

And, well, we all know why mom was a late bloomer *cough cough*.

OH, almost forgot to mention.....Has my mom ever told you the story of Berkly Edwards? Hm... interesting story. Ask her about it sometime.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Taylor is going to kill me...

...but since i only have 5 followers, i figured i would share this cute story with y'all (and NOT post it on facebook....although i really want to!)

So yesterday in an effort to "talk" with my kid about boys, sex, etc (see previous blog), i asked her if she liked anyone. She said yes and then went into a story of how middle school is so hard because people gossip, etc. Apparently she likes a boy, who is the same boy that her best friend, Cali, likes. Oh no! To me, immediately, i thought that was a HUGE problem. I love Cali to death and know that something stupid like a boy crush could ruin their friendship. I remember my best friend from 7th grade very well (Lindsay Mellon) but couldn't even begin to remember who i dated at that time (or if i even dated...i mean, i had my first kiss in 9th grade...i was a late bloomer).

So, i kinda tip toed around the issue for a bit, asking Taylor if it was serious, did she really like him, did Cali like him, etc. And then told her that friendship was more important than boys.

And she goes "i know mom, chicks before dicks." jaw dropped. And then she says, "kinda like bros before hoes, except it is chicks before dicks."


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

sex-ed and the media

Growing up my parents limited the amount of tv us Lambert kids watched. 3 hours a week. That is it. You go to a movie, it counts as 2 hours towards the 3 hour limit. While all my friends watched Yo Mtv Raps and saved by the bell, i was stiffled by my tv limitations for what i watched.
I thought it was "unfair" and that my parents were "lame" and were trying to make us "bored."

And as i have been raising my own daughter, i swore i didn't want to limit or restrict her the way my parents did. Because of this, she has grown up watching tv shows with me on a nightly basis- some good and some not so good. Examples:

The good:
-Gilmore Girls- our lives- not a lot of sex- and it is wholesome. i love it
-Friends (?)- TBS plays reruns for a hour a day. it is a cute show, a few sexual references but nothing to get upset about
Secret Life of an American Teenager- can we say my life again? good show, good underlying themes and always talks about safe sex.

The not so good:
-90210- my latest obsession- watch it monday nights religiously. addresses things like sexting and rape (good) but also promotes the glam life, drugs, and sleeping around (bad)
-Grey's Anatomy- will forever love it. the characters are evolving and growing up this season which is good but it does promote sleeping around in a hospital setting (which NEVER happens)

The bad:
-Jersey Shore- it really is my only bad habit. it is like a train wreck that i can't look away from. GTL. Sleeping til 2 pm and partying til 5 am. "the situation" scamming on women. i love it. and unfortunately so does tay...

Unfortunately, our tv is providing our children with ample sex-ed. And the vast majority of it is not age-appropriate, and it’s not even responsible. 70% of the programs that our teens are watching contain some sort of sexual content. That’s a lot of casual sex and sex without
consequences. Sadly, only 14% of television shows portray responsible sexual
behaviors, meaning the sexual content includes references to the risks of STDs or the risk of pregnancy. Since some kids aren’t getting sex ed in school, most teens are using the media as their textbooks on sex, love and relationships. As parents we need to help our kids have a healthier view of sexuality than what they are seeing on a daily basis.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You should write a book...

....I get told this at least once a week. But it goes more like this: "your life is so interesting/complicated/confusing/drama-filled, you should write a book!"

I think most of those people are referring to the fact that i had a daughter in high school and yet, somehow, but the grace of God (and a lot of help from my family), i graduated from high school, then college, then med school, then residency, and now am in fellowship. To me, it really isn't a big deal- i know it isn't the norm to have a baby in high school and then become a doctor but i didn't really have any other option. So i know that my life isn't quite "normal" but what is "normal" anyway?

You see, i wanted to be a doctor since i was 2. Yes, at the ripe age of two i told my parents that i wanted to be a "blue" doctor. My dad, a ENT physician, wore blue scrubs, hence the blue doctor. I went to the hospital with my dad on Sundays before church to watch him round, i learned to suture on my stuffed animals in middle school, and while people were being social in high school and doing fun after school activities, i was doing research with a plastic surgeon. lame. i know.

And then, one month after i turned 17, my period was a day late. one day. and i knew, i just knew deep in my heart that i was pregnant. the next month was a constant battle with my morals, trying to decide whether a baby would factor into my future plans or if i should just "take care of it." I can only say that a Divine intervention by God (and that is a whole other story) stopped me 4 hours short of getting an abortion. so because of that choice (which was the right one), i started the journey that i am still on today.

People (friends, family, teachers) told me that i wouldn't amount to anything since i had gotten pregnant at such a young age. They said i would be "barefoot and pregnant" for the rest of my life and that i would be lucky to finish high school. I think because of this, i wanted to be a doctor EVEN MORE. I was determined. I was going to prove them wrong.

Fast forward 14 years. Yes, my daughter is about to turn 14 and while when you get pregnant you realize you are going to have a baby, you don't realize in that moment that the baby is going to grow up into a person. In my case, a person who can get their learner's permit in 1 year and can wear the same size shoe as me. Crazy. This 14 year journey has led me from my hometown of Charlottesville, to college at Duke, and then to the city i call "home." Here in Charleston i went to medical school, met my future husband, completed an Internal Medicine residency, and am now in my 1st year of fellowship. I have made mistakes along the way, i have also had some really good times and some really bad times, and through it all, i have grown up into an adult (finally)...i think.

Maybe i should jump on the "teenage mom" bandwagon and write a book. I am not sure what i would say or who would even buy my book, but i do know i have lots to say.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i'm obsessed with my crock pot

Yes, i will admit it. I am obsessed with my crock pot. And i am ok with that.
You can't really complain when you throw some meat, veggies, broth, and a few spices into the pot, set on low before you go to work, and then when you come home, the house is filled with the wonderful smells of dinner. "Set it and forget it."
I love it.
It is so easy, so effortless, so wonderful.

I spend at least 30 minutes (ok...maybe a hour) during work searching for fun new recipes to try with my crock pot. I have even been making two copies of each one so i can share with my SIL's boyfriend. On a side note, i am glad she has someone to cook her good meals...and it is double bonus if those recipes come from me!! But yes, i will admit that i like looking for recipes....a lot.

The only down side of using my crock pot is the irrational fear it creates each time i use it. I worry that it is going to cause a fire and my house will burn down....with my dogs (and clothes, and shoes and all my possessions) inside. I know it is a silly fear but nevertheless, it is something that gives me an ulcer each time i cook with my crock pot.
However, the benefits outweigh the risks, so i continue to cook. Saying a quick prayer each time i turn it on and then hurry out the door.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

perfect sunday night

It has become a "family" tradition to watch America's Funniest Home Videos each Sunday night on ABC.
I remember watching it as a kid with my mom, dad, brother and sister. And watching it was a huge privilege as my parents only allowed us to watch 3 hours of tv a week. That's right- three hours. And it wasn't three hours the whole week. We weren't allowed to watch tv during the week except for NCB nightly news. THEN we had 3 hours of tv total to divide between friday, sat, and sun. If we went to a movie at the movie theater, then that counted for 2 hours. My parents were strict!
And don't even get me started on our weekly National Geographic reports.....

I am not that strict with Taylor. The tv was my best friend while i was at Duke because i was able to sit her in front of the tv and turn on Beauty and the Beast (her fav movie) and she would be entertained while i studied. I swear, we watched that movie at least 300 times. I can still sing every song. :)

So here we are. Taylor and i are sitting on the couch (her cackling while i snort at the videos) and Berry is sitting in his dad's recliner with Ellie perched in his lap. It isn't fancy. We aren't dining out, enjoying the city life, or drinking 1/2 wine at some "sunday funday" location. But this is a perfect sunday night.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Tiberius!

I forgot to mention this!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Tiberius James- my big bloodhound puppy!

Top 10 of charleston

Top 10 loves of Charleston

10) Farmer’s Market, Marion Square-
Anything and everything you wanted to buy (local of course) + you can get great food- shrimp and grits, crapes, breads, etc.
Saturdays in April-December

9) Walking the Battery
Stroll by the ocean and houses at least 2 centuries old. History + beauty!
Also a great place to walk arm in arm with a date/SO/etc

8) Bowen’s Island
Oysters, fresh seafood- eating from paper plates while you watch their employees gathering oysters from the creek. Enough said.

7) Medical University of South Carolina
Can’t forget my place of employment (or my dad’s…or my husband’s)

6) French Quarter Art Walk
A few select Fridays during the year, free wine and snacks while strolling down the city streets and ducking into fabulous galleries.
Plus, I got engaged at the French Quarter Art Walk in Oct 2007. Ahhh memories.

5) Calhoun Mansion
I worked here in 2002, gave tours and swear I saw a ghost.

4) Happy hour at Pearlz West Ashley
Where else can you get a dozen oysters for $7, a glass of champagne for $3, and a spicy tuna roll for $6. I am there at least once a week!

3) Folly Beach
The Edge of America. The Hippy “town” where you can surf, drink on the beach, and grab some great food after you work on your tan.

2) The shopping on King Street
Luna, Copper Penny, BCBG, Nine West, Express, William Sonoma, Steve Madden.
The list goes on and on…

1) The Charleston Harbor by Boat
Beautiful open waters, historic forts within view, and seeing the city from the water….there are just no words. Bottles of wine and beer are always welcome!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I dream about Duke

I spent 4 wonderful years at Duke University, from 1999-2002, getting my undergraduate degree. My time there was filled with good friends, good times, and a little bit....ok, a lot of learning.

It is no surprise that Duke enters my dreams every once in a while. Actually, if i calculate it, i dream about Duke twice a month. Each time i am back in my apartment, at 1700 Pace St Apt R and am surrounded by the same close friends, but things from my present life always show up. For example, my bloodhound, Tiberius, is always there. 10 years ago i would have never dreamed about having such a large slobbery monster, but in my dreams, he is always there. Running up and down the stairs of my apartment complex, enjoying treats from adoring neighbors, and sleeping at my feet while i write my thesis.

Last night i dreamed it was the start of a new school year and i didn't have my schedule written down. Therefore I had to go all around campus (with Tiberius, of course) and ask each class if i was enrolled. I tried to drive to each campus but there were no parking places, so i ended up taking the bus to each classroom. I distinctly remember the bus route in my dream was the same bus route i would take daily to get to class from my central campus apartment in real life. My best friend from college, Kaitlin, was around but of course had her schedule neatly written down (and memorized) and wasn't stressing like i was....actually, she was enjoying coffee by the chapel with a large group of people while i tried to find my classes.

With Duke being in the news so much currently (sex thesis anyone?) it makes sense that i would dream about it. And i love how i have a perfect blend of past and present in my dream. It makes it very entertaining.

Monday, October 11, 2010

a "real" weekend

For me, now that i am submerged in fellowship and moonlighting, it is rare to have a "real" weekend. One where i work, relax, sleep, and feel social all at the same time.

I woke up this weekend on Saturday morning, not feeling so hot, but decided to not let my 100.7 temperature and chills/headache/stuffy nose interfere with my plans. I got Taylor and berry up and headed downtown to the Farmer's Market.

Pictures to come...

Downtown was bustling, the veggies looked fresh, and it was nice to bump arms with the folks of Charleston. The lines were long for the amazing food carts and the weather was just a touch on the warm side.

However, the hustle and bustle of downtown wore me out, and as soon as i got home, Tiberius and i took a 3 hour nap. :) It was lovely. My fever broke and i woke up feeling much better.

That evening i had the residents/interns/fellows over for an end of the month cookout. Taylor high tailed it out of the house and hung out with Mary and Paul at the Boone Hall Haunter House. I couldn't blame here. 15 co-workers and alcohol didn't sound like a fun combination for Taylor. Anyway, my attending cooked a tenderloin that was to die for, and everyone brought beer. The only thing that could have made it better was a dip in the hot tub.

Sunday brought another day to sleep in, moonlighting for 6 hours, and then dinner with my brother, sister-in-law, and friend Steve. It was a cozy night. And a "real" weekend.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Ecclesiastes 3:1-7 (New International Version)
1 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:
2 a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot,
3 a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build,
4 a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance,
5 a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain,
6 a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away,
7 a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak,

I am reminded of this today as i got the news yesterday that a high school classmate passed away. His death was unexpected, his life taken at a young age of 31 by a drunk driver (at 2 pm.....really? who is drunk at 2 pm!). This classmate and i were not close....he was sort of a loner and well, i had other things to deal with (pregnancy...and then baby..and not even 18 yet). But he was there, he was one of us. He took the same tests i did, shared the same experiences, and i am sure enjoyed his high school days like i did (umm....).
I have been told by MULTIPLE classmates that there might be a "curse of the Dans." I don't believe in curses....just coincidence. Both high school classmates i have lost have been named Dan. And i am not even going to talk about Gibby, the guy who i use to call "brother." The guy who was in love with M.E. The guy whose parents i loved like my own. I miss him. And often wonder what he would be doing now if he hadn't been so sick.

This tragity experienced by our TCS community reminds us to hug our loved ones a little longer, to call a friend who you haven't spoken to in a while just to catch up, and to count your blessings. For everything there is a season.....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It is 51 degrees outside. BRING BACK THE HEAT AND HUMIDITY!
Only a week ago it was in the 90's, i would walk outside and my glasses would fog up, and i could lay out by the pool and work on my tan.

What happened?!?!?!

I am freezing! I seriously might have to rethink where i live and move somewhere where it is warm all year. A girl from middle school is working in the Caribbean as a ER physician. Hmm...i wonder if they need any lung doctors?

I also got my flu shot yesterday (stupid left arm is sore today) and that definitely means that winter is coming. Thank goodness i am saving up money to take a weekend girl's trip to Miami in Jan or Feb. I am going to need it!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

back to days....

Good morning!
I am writing this at a normal time (7 am), on a normal day (tuesday), of a normal week. Why are things so "normal'? Well, for starters, i am off night float and back to working like all the regular people. No more sleeping when it is sunny out and no more working when the rest of the world is sleeping. Tiberius is overjoyed. He gets in bed with me at 9 pm, and somewhere during the night he gets down to his "bed" on the floor and sleeps there the rest of the night. And when my alarm goes off in the morning, he is there sticking his cold nose in my face.

Speaking of is sooooooo cold outside. 53 to be exact this morning and i wore a semi-heavy jacket to work. People looked at me like i was crazy but this is a drop of more than 40 degrees in about 2 weeks. We went from HOT summer to chilly fall. I dislike severely!

The ONLY good things that come with the changing of seasons is the fact that Halloween is right around the corner (you know how much i love halloween) and that it is now appropriate to fire up the hot tub in the evenings and enjoy with a nice big glass of wine (or sweet tea vodka).