Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday friday friday!!

I love the weekend.  So glad it is here.
So much much to reflect on.

There are a lot of January birthdays in my family and while there will be more parties to celebrate, the Lambert family gathered together last week to have dinner, wine, cake, and of course, wear the crown to honor the three of us with January birthdays.

Pa-paul and me

The birthday dinner

Here is Ava- trying on the birthday crown.  :)

Birthday #1- mine- January 16th

 Birthday #2- January 10th

Birthday #3- January 24th
And on that day, Pa-paul turned 88 years young.  :)

                           And no birthday is complete without being hoisted up on Paul's shoulders!

And i kinda feel like a walking billboard for all things Charleston this weekend but there are some great things happening in the Holy City.

 Tomorrow night marks the first Full Moon of 2013!  
So go watch the moon rise- it should be stunning.    --->

On the same night, the Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina will be transformed into a snow lodge with 25 tons of snow being imported to the low country.  There is also going to be an ice luge and an ice bar.

And don't forget, Sunday is the 30th Annual Lowcountry Oyster Festival, 10:30-5.
Go get your slurp on.
Tickets are available at the door- $15/person

Well, i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. 
Enjoy all the wonderful events that our beautiful city has to offer!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Long Weekend!

I love MLK weekend.  Mainly because it means a 3 day weekend for me.....which then means a longer time for me to celebrate my birthday.  :)  Lucky for Taylor, she got a 5 day weekend and has put it to good use.  She has hardly been home- hanging with friends, babysitting, going here, there and everywhere. Anyway.......some weekend things:

1) Happy extended birthday to me.
Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special.  And thanks to those who remembered my birthday, called, texted, sent cards, gave me a FB shout out, etc.
An overview of what i got:
Diet dew and sour patch kids- things i can't live without.  Thanks Jen. :)

A gift card to RDB which is my favorite website to buy clothes!

Flowers and more flowers

A BEAUTIFUL garnet ring!

And this awesome Vera Bradley wallet that also carries your phone!  Perfect!
Oh- and i got some money from family, which i was saving to use for botox (yeah, we will talk about that later), but i don't have any $ so i used it to buy groceries instead..........yea for birthday money for allowing me to eat.  :)

2)And just to vent for a few seconds.  What happened to manners?
I was enjoying drinks last night at Basil, Mt P and the place was PACKED.  I mean, it was restaurant week and a saturday needless to say, there was a 2 hour wait for dinner and the bar upstairs was standing room early.  I met my friend early for drinks and were able to get great seats at the bar- and had been there for over two hours drinking, talking, and catching up.  There was a group of 5 girls huddled around 2 seats next to us, and they rudely interrupted our conversation, asking if we were planning on eating or just drinking because they wanted to eat but the wait was 2.5 hours, so they wanted our seats so they could eat at the bar.  I told them i was leaving soon and they could have my seat when i was done.
Ok.  Fine, right?  Well, turns out, one bitch decided that since i was sitting only on half of the chair (with my back towards her so i could talk to my friend next to me), that she would help herself to my other half of the chair so she could sit down too.  UMMMM.  NOT OK!  It might be ok for 2 friends to share a bar stool..... but a stranger, without asking, plopped her big ass down on the other half of my seat?  Seriously?  Is that even appropriate?
Believe it or not, i didn't say anything to her.  I should have said something like:
"do you want to sit on my lap?"  or
"i'm sorry, i said you could have my seat when i am done....but i am not done."  or
"_______________________" (insert bitchy comment here that uses the word fuck and get off my chair)
But i didn't say a thing. 
I lost my mojo over the past few months.  The spunky, "tell it like it is" chick doesn't even stand up for herself anymore.  WTF?
As J said it so poetically last night: "The Lara i heard about would have said something to her."

3) Job anxiety
I have job anxiety and it is making me dream some crazy, wacked out stuff.  So for those who don't know, i will be finishing my fellowship in June and need to find a job to start soon after.  This job will be my first job in 16 years.....since I worked as the Easter Bunny at the mall when i was 17.  Yes, i was the person inside the hot, smelly costume, getting paid $5.05/hour, and holding crying kids on my lap.  That was my last job.

And finding a job in Charleston is a lot harder than you think.  3 of my co-workers have gotten great jobs in other cities, one is still looking but he is looking everywhere, and then there is me, who needs to stay in charleston and i am having a hard time finding something here.  Either i would have to drive 60-90 minutes to get to work.  Or the director is giving me the run-around.  Or i am not getting called back.  So anxiety is high.
So high that in my dream the other night, i finished up fellowship and decided to go back to school.  High school that is.  I joined Taylor's 11th grade class, attending all of her classes including creative writing which i failed and biology, which i rocked.  And in this particular dream i got paint on my shirt and forgot my cell phone.  Even in dream-land high school i am a mess.  *sigh*  At least in my dream i wasn't sporting my perm, braces, and purple shorts with purple leggings....or an arm cast because it seemed like i was always breaking my arm.  I was so not cool in high school.

Ok, well, i have one more day/night before back to the real world.  Time to pack up the computer and join the real world.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday things

Good tuesday evening to you.  Well, i am unexpectedly sitting at home and have finished notes and reading (wow!) for today, so i thought i would write a blog!  Joy!

1. Ombre vs Hombre
What is different between these three pictures?

OMBRE describes picture #1 and #2.  Hombre is a whole different story.  Let's get it straight people. 
So when i went to work the other day, i was told "you have like 4 different colors in your hair."  And another co-worker piped in "yeah, it looks like you let your roots just grow out!" 
I politely told them that it was "ombre" and for the rest of the night, they called me "hombre" with a thick spanish accent.  My hair is beautifully colored ombre, allowing me to have dark and light, demention, and style.  I am not sporting a mexican man on my head people!

2. Leia's new chew toys.
Now that the Christmas tree is down, Leia has found something else to occupy her time.  My med school books.  I lost my Netter and a College Dictionary and a Medical Ethics book, and a Neuroscience book.  Maybe, just maybe she will gain some knowledge while eating the pages.  Kinda like i thought i would absorb knowledge when i fell asleep on the books.

3. And yes. i *might* drink too much Diet Mountain Dew but guess what????  My brother is now allowed to fix my teeth!  He is currently a 4th year (this is his last year) dental student at MUSC, applying for Pediatric Fellowships and is spending these next few months in the clinic practicing.  So i let him practice on me- and he is GREAT!  Fixed my broken and cavity filled tooth quickly and painlessly.
Here i am taking a picture of him putting in my dental dam (insert inappropriate joke here).  He told me to stop tweeting....or instagraming.  Lol.  I was just documenting this occasion where Dr Lambert was working on Dr Lambert....and both doctors were NOT my dad!  :)

4. Oh, and please go and read THIS which is 13 Life Lessons As Taught by the movie Bridesmaids.  #7 anyone?  Where are my pushers?

5. And I would like to thank Taylor's dad, Josh, and his wife, Sara, for allowing Taylor to use their Netflix account.  Not only does she like to watch Breaking Bad, when she is at school or asleep, I get on her computer and i watch American Horror Story Season 1.  I never watched it when it originally aired because it comes on at 10pm- which is WAY past my bedtime.  But Oh My Goodness.  So great.  I love the mystery and strangely, i get turned on just watching it.  The series reminds me of Nip/Tuck, which i also adored......and got turned on by each week.  :)

Well, tomorrow is my birthday.  The big 3-4. Where did the time go? 
To make this a less painful birthday, here are some present suggestions for you, my adoring fans:
-Sour Patch Kids
- This necklace (because i am obsessed with it!)
-A gas grill (my stupid ex took ours)
-Any sort of "bling"- real or fake, as long as you can't tell!
-An afternoon of rollerskating (sooooo fun!)
-Surf lessons (but you would also need to get me a wetsuit bc i am NOT bikini ready.....nor have i been in the years past.  lol.

Have a good evening!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Friday

Happy Friday!  Are you guys ready for the weekend?  I sure am!

I must admit that even though today is the 11th, my new years resolutions are kinda flopping.
In terms of taking more pictures, I have taken approximately 15 pictures and 3 videos:
-5 random pictures since New Years day (dogs, etc)
-3 pictures to remind me to buy something or that i need something  (hello garam marsala)- they just need to be deleted
-3 videos, 2 of the dogs and one of Ava, my sweet, sweet neice
-1 of work related grossness (skin infection gone bad, way bad)
-6 pictures of Brett's birthday
I haven't gone anywhere exciting or done anything fun that warrants picture taking........but all of that will change next week with my birthday!  Hopefully!

And the new years resolution about working out?  I am at least wearing my tennis shoes right now.  Still haven't seen the inside of the gym.  And i tried to do my p90x yoga video and gave up after 20 minutes of sun salutations.  I couldn't focus.  It is bad to try to work out at home with 1) dogs, 2) ADD, and 3) nobody to motivate you.  So the pants are just going to still be snug.  For now i am looking into diet pills.  hehe.

And here is a number for you.  $10,240.18.
That is how much it cost to get divorced.  One year, a whole lot of heart ache, and $10,240.18.  As of this past monday, the papers were signed and turned in to the courthouse.  Now just waiting on a court date where i have to swear that i haven't co-habitated with him or had sex with him in a year (um yeah, gross), ask for my maiden name back, and then jump for joy that i am free.  FREEEEE!
Oh- and in case you guys are wondering, YES, there will be a party that day.  After the court hearing.  At my house.  With lots of....
You all will get an invite.  And obviously for my few readers who are no longer in Charleston, have a glass of champagne for me that night!

And i will leave you with this- have you seen this video?  It is pretty funny. Hysterical actually!  I laughed until i cried.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

In 2013 i resolve to.....

1) Take more pictures.
Did you see my last post- my year in pictures?  Notice how there was nothing from January to April?  Yeah, that is not going to happen again.  I am going to take AT LEAST one picture a day.
January 1st- no pictures
January 2nd- a picture of Tiberius

January 3rd- a picture of Leia

WOW- i am lame-o.
I will do better- i promise.

2) To make exercise a REAL part of my life.
I started doing p90x last year around this time and hurt my neck doing the yoga video.....yes, the easy peasy yoga workout video- which made me promptly stop that crazy workout regimen......and that was the last time i did any sort of exercising.  Almost a year ago.  And my body can tell, because my pants are getting more snug and about 50% of the time, i walk around without the pants buttoned.  LOL!  So now, January 2013, i want to start taking care of my body.  Whether that is running (haha....yeah right...THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN), Barre classes, yoga, or heading back to my Pole aerobics classes- i am going to do it!

3) To get out of debt.
Dave Ramsey is my mortal enemy.  I started his "get out of debt" plan last year but then got sidetracked with lawyer bills, divorce payments, and a mountain of debt that my ex felt that "I" was solely responsible for.  I mean, hey, he didn't have a job so he doesn't have to pay the bills, right?  And when not enough taxes aren't taken out of my paycheck, that is "my" fault so i should just work more to pay back the money.  Right?  Right?  I'm trying not to be bitter......really trying.
Anyway, 2013 is a clean slate.  No more absurd bills.  No payments to ex husbands.  All my money is going to paying off debt.....and maybe a few new shoes here and there.  ;)
Hey- instead of spending $, anyone want to buy these for me?  I wear size 8.5

4) I am going to make a Macquarium
Yes, i have a Mac Computer under my desk at work, just begging to be turned into a fish aquarium.
And that will be my DIY project this year.  Sorry honey, it is going to happen.  Just give in.
Exciting, right?
4 resolutions seems reasonable, right?  I'm excited for 2013, a new year, a new start.  Let's get going!