Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Long Weekend!

I love MLK weekend.  Mainly because it means a 3 day weekend for me.....which then means a longer time for me to celebrate my birthday.  :)  Lucky for Taylor, she got a 5 day weekend and has put it to good use.  She has hardly been home- hanging with friends, babysitting, going here, there and everywhere. Anyway.......some weekend things:

1) Happy extended birthday to me.
Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special.  And thanks to those who remembered my birthday, called, texted, sent cards, gave me a FB shout out, etc.
An overview of what i got:
Diet dew and sour patch kids- things i can't live without.  Thanks Jen. :)

A gift card to RDB which is my favorite website to buy clothes!

Flowers and more flowers

A BEAUTIFUL garnet ring!

And this awesome Vera Bradley wallet that also carries your phone!  Perfect!
Oh- and i got some money from family, which i was saving to use for botox (yeah, we will talk about that later), but i don't have any $ so i used it to buy groceries instead..........yea for birthday money for allowing me to eat.  :)

2)And just to vent for a few seconds.  What happened to manners?
I was enjoying drinks last night at Basil, Mt P and the place was PACKED.  I mean, it was restaurant week and a saturday needless to say, there was a 2 hour wait for dinner and the bar upstairs was standing room early.  I met my friend early for drinks and were able to get great seats at the bar- and had been there for over two hours drinking, talking, and catching up.  There was a group of 5 girls huddled around 2 seats next to us, and they rudely interrupted our conversation, asking if we were planning on eating or just drinking because they wanted to eat but the wait was 2.5 hours, so they wanted our seats so they could eat at the bar.  I told them i was leaving soon and they could have my seat when i was done.
Ok.  Fine, right?  Well, turns out, one bitch decided that since i was sitting only on half of the chair (with my back towards her so i could talk to my friend next to me), that she would help herself to my other half of the chair so she could sit down too.  UMMMM.  NOT OK!  It might be ok for 2 friends to share a bar stool..... but a stranger, without asking, plopped her big ass down on the other half of my seat?  Seriously?  Is that even appropriate?
Believe it or not, i didn't say anything to her.  I should have said something like:
"do you want to sit on my lap?"  or
"i'm sorry, i said you could have my seat when i am done....but i am not done."  or
"_______________________" (insert bitchy comment here that uses the word fuck and get off my chair)
But i didn't say a thing. 
I lost my mojo over the past few months.  The spunky, "tell it like it is" chick doesn't even stand up for herself anymore.  WTF?
As J said it so poetically last night: "The Lara i heard about would have said something to her."

3) Job anxiety
I have job anxiety and it is making me dream some crazy, wacked out stuff.  So for those who don't know, i will be finishing my fellowship in June and need to find a job to start soon after.  This job will be my first job in 16 years.....since I worked as the Easter Bunny at the mall when i was 17.  Yes, i was the person inside the hot, smelly costume, getting paid $5.05/hour, and holding crying kids on my lap.  That was my last job.

And finding a job in Charleston is a lot harder than you think.  3 of my co-workers have gotten great jobs in other cities, one is still looking but he is looking everywhere, and then there is me, who needs to stay in charleston and i am having a hard time finding something here.  Either i would have to drive 60-90 minutes to get to work.  Or the director is giving me the run-around.  Or i am not getting called back.  So anxiety is high.
So high that in my dream the other night, i finished up fellowship and decided to go back to school.  High school that is.  I joined Taylor's 11th grade class, attending all of her classes including creative writing which i failed and biology, which i rocked.  And in this particular dream i got paint on my shirt and forgot my cell phone.  Even in dream-land high school i am a mess.  *sigh*  At least in my dream i wasn't sporting my perm, braces, and purple shorts with purple leggings....or an arm cast because it seemed like i was always breaking my arm.  I was so not cool in high school.

Ok, well, i have one more day/night before back to the real world.  Time to pack up the computer and join the real world.


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