Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Friday

Happy Friday!  Are you guys ready for the weekend?  I sure am!

I must admit that even though today is the 11th, my new years resolutions are kinda flopping.
In terms of taking more pictures, I have taken approximately 15 pictures and 3 videos:
-5 random pictures since New Years day (dogs, etc)
-3 pictures to remind me to buy something or that i need something  (hello garam marsala)- they just need to be deleted
-3 videos, 2 of the dogs and one of Ava, my sweet, sweet neice
-1 of work related grossness (skin infection gone bad, way bad)
-6 pictures of Brett's birthday
I haven't gone anywhere exciting or done anything fun that warrants picture taking........but all of that will change next week with my birthday!  Hopefully!

And the new years resolution about working out?  I am at least wearing my tennis shoes right now.  Still haven't seen the inside of the gym.  And i tried to do my p90x yoga video and gave up after 20 minutes of sun salutations.  I couldn't focus.  It is bad to try to work out at home with 1) dogs, 2) ADD, and 3) nobody to motivate you.  So the pants are just going to still be snug.  For now i am looking into diet pills.  hehe.

And here is a number for you.  $10,240.18.
That is how much it cost to get divorced.  One year, a whole lot of heart ache, and $10,240.18.  As of this past monday, the papers were signed and turned in to the courthouse.  Now just waiting on a court date where i have to swear that i haven't co-habitated with him or had sex with him in a year (um yeah, gross), ask for my maiden name back, and then jump for joy that i am free.  FREEEEE!
Oh- and in case you guys are wondering, YES, there will be a party that day.  After the court hearing.  At my house.  With lots of....
You all will get an invite.  And obviously for my few readers who are no longer in Charleston, have a glass of champagne for me that night!

And i will leave you with this- have you seen this video?  It is pretty funny. Hysterical actually!  I laughed until i cried.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!

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