Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hello and goodbye February

Where did the month go?  I know it was short and all, but really?  My last blog post was a day prior to turning 35.  Over the past month and 10 days, i don't really know what i have done.

Well, that is not true- i have been traveling, working, had girls nights (no pictures...sorry), had date nights, had couples dates nights, had mother-daughter time, had mother-doggy time, and have spent some lazy days recovering.  I still have not read the all books that i wanted to (especially Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg) or spent enough time with family (sorry mom) but i'll get to it when i can.  Not going to stress myself out right now.  I'm enjoying what i can, when i can.

So now for the random stuff....

Has anyone noticed that the weather in Charleston has been crazy??
Hot, then cold, then ice storms (two...thank you Polar Vortex with the closure of school for taylor many times and me having to have a sleepover at the VA with Cindy and Sally!!!), an earthquake (yes, seriously) and then hot and then cold again.  Bipolar weather.  That is my term for it.  And really i shouldn't complain because up north they are getting it way worse than us...but i'm going to....because i am ready for spring!

 (this is at our outdoor mall in Charleston during the 1st ice storm......crazy!!)

And it is true....i have learned you can go back again.
Hello Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto) from My So Called Life (aka the best show ever of 1994-1995)

And true to form, 20 years later..........ahhhhh (those are angels singing from heaven at his beauty).....he is still smokin'.
Jared Leto is now the lead vocalist and songwriter to 30 Seconds to Mars (great band) and has recently revived his acting career (we can't forget about Urban Legend, right Kaitlin Means Winarsky?) and has won a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award for the movie Dallas Buyers Club (which is excellent.  rent it.  rent it now.).

I.  Just.  Can't.  Get.  Enough.
ok...i'll stop.

High school friends- does this strike fear in your heart???

What is even more scary is that Taylor is taking it this week.  This week people!!!  I took the SAT twice- the 1st time i was a little pregnant (like 6 weeks...but i knew) and the 2nd time i was A LOT pregnant (like couldn't fit into a school desk i was so fat).  And now my little girl, who was growing in me when i took this test, is getting ready to take it.  AND to make you (and me) feel older, we are looking at Colleges- Emory last month, Wofford and Furman in March, and BU, Northeastern, NYU, and Columbia in April.  Duke will be a weekend roadtrip soon, i'm sure...we just don't have it planned....but Taylor has requested Cosmic does she remember them????  And wait, to make you (and me) feel even older, i somehow have to figure out how to PAY for her college.  Lol.  I didn't realize when i had a baby that she would grow up and become a real person that i would have to buy things for.  Word to my friends who have young ones now......plan ahead for college.  You can't tell that to a 17 year old who has an unplanned pregnancy.....or even to her when she is going into 200k debt for medical school!  But plan now.

I'm going to leave you with a positive note.  :)
Happy Almost Friday!!

Things i love right now all from Buzzfeed (of course the 1st one is about Theo/Beau, my Instagram obession).