Sunday, April 20, 2014

College Visits- yes, they already started!

For those of you who remember Taylor like this...

......those days are gone.  The sweet little girl who lived with me at Duke from ages of 1.5 to 5 is all grown up and is looking at colleges for herself.  Gosh, i am old.  :)
Now i have to be honest, i would love Taylor to go to Duke for college.  Spend 4 years there making her own memories, getting an amazing education, and being a "Cameron Crazy."  But Taylor has other ideas....she wants a large city, an "urban" school, and nothing in the South.  :(

So over spring break we made a trip to Boston and NYC to look at a few colleges.  The trip was also especially exiciting for me bc one of my best friends lives in Boston and who is going to say no to visiting her?!?!?

1st selfie of the trip- at 8am (after our 6 am flight).  Taylor is clearly thrilled.

1st thing to do in Boston- eat!  And see Karen (and Amol and Cole)

And then a lot of walking around seeing Boston.

And then the next day, college tours- Northeastern and Boston University.

Then we took the train to NYC

And our view from the 17th floor of our hotel (on 35th and 6th street)

An amazing first meal in NYC at Izakaya Mew

And the next morning, despite the rain, we went to NYU and Columbia

And visited Grant's tomb

That evening we treated ourselves to a Broadway Play- newly opened and amazing!  Taylor loves James Franco- he seems a bit sketchy/angry/mean/rude.  But regardless of that, he is an amazing actor!

Illegal selfie in the theater! (yes, we got yelled at)

The next day before we went back to Charleston, we had to visit all the "touristy" things in NYC.

Goodbye NYC. See you later!