Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lead Foot Lara

Camille (my MIL) actually has the title of "lead foot Alice" lovingly given to her by her husband Floyd, for getting a speeding ticket before even leaving their property line in Manning. Apparently Camille had been sick for days and hadn't gotten out of the house. When she finally felt better enough to venture out of the house, she turned out of the driveway to head into town, and was so happy to be out of the house, she put the pedal to the metal. A cop pulled her over before she even got past their property line and thus, her nickname began.

I have been on night float over the past 2 weeks. Working 5 pm to 7 am sunday through thursday, and it does take a toll on you- working while everyone is sleeping, and then sleeping when everyone is working (or playing). You get lonely and for me, i miss my daily "routine." However, our night float is nice because if it isn't busy (which is rare but it does happen- SOMETIMES), you can go home- and for me, it is just a short 7 minute drive over the connector to my little James Island house.

Last night, after seeing a patient at the main hospital and having a family meeting at the ART, i found myself in a glorious position of not being needed at the hospital- and i headed home. I was a bit drained- tonight was my 10th night of night float- and just wanted to get home to my family and my sleepy bloodhound. As i drove over the connector, minding my own business and singing along with the radio, i see this:

As i was minding my business going home, i got a ticket from the good cops of the City of Charleston- Going 42 in a 35- in a construction zone (oops).
The cop was nice, i must admit. He laughed when i gave him my credit card instead of my drivers license (and thank goodness he didn't think i was trying to pay him off). And he reduced my ticket to $81 and two points. And he nicely told me that i should slow down so that i didn't land any of the construction workers in my hospital (he saw my white coat).

So, lead foot lara is my nickname for now. My first ticket since 2000. And a good lesson to learn- don't speed when there are cops around!

Monday, September 26, 2011

when and what should i eat?

i find myself asking this a lot. and if you know me at all, it wasn't always like this! 4 1/2 years ago i was less than 100 pounds, not eating anything...or....when i did, i always made it come right back up. (and come on people- we all know i did this- i am not sugar coating my life- it is real). eating was not a priority. at all.

i mean, look people---> skin and bones. bleh. oh- and look how cute taylor was! 10 years old and no red hair. and no countdown to her learner's permit (Nov 6th she will be 15)! lol.
obviously that is different now. i have gained 40(ish) pounds, eat three meals a day, and cook up a storm. one of my favorite things to do is spend a sunday planning meals for the week and then grocery shopping for all of the ingredients. seriously, this is the life. :)

unfortunately, i am on night float, working at night and sleeping during the day. it makes eating, or deciding when to eat, very difficult. i still want breakfast in the morning before i go to sleep (love sleeping on a full stomach) but i am having a hard time coming up with when i should eat "lunch" and "dinner." i am getting ready for work when i should be having lunch and then running around like a crazy person at work when it is time for dinner.

i bring snacks to munch on- rice cakes, gobstoppers, gum (you know, healthy things). and of course i have my diet mt dew. however, due to my crazy work schedule, i don't think have had a real meal since friday night at Basil when i had the MOST DELISH Pad Thai (side note again- we were there for rahul's bachelor party- and fyi, i did not partake in any festivities after dinner). i miss pasta. and hamburgers. and anything else i can dream up (meaning find the recipe) and cook.

by the way, remember how i gushed over my favorite cooking website a few weeks ago? i have been cooking up muffins in my spare time. muffins for taylor. muffins for my MSICU resident. muffins for my MICU resident. muffins for my neighbors. cooking them but not eating- crazy right?

tonight, i made these a-mazing Cinnamon and Sugar Donut Muffins. Soooo wonderful.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

DIY glitter phone

I TOLD you that i was going to make a glitter phone (adapted from ................
and here it is!!

Isn't it C.U.T.E?!?!?!?!

I love it (of course) but i am sure people are going to think i am crazy! But it is really sparkly and makes me is the little things, you know?

I guess i just wonder how long it is going to take before they start falling off.....i am sure i will find them everywhere. My car, my white coat, my purse, the sofa, on the floor, etc. LOL.

Monday, September 19, 2011

(More) Current Obsessions

Despite my obsession with my family, work, moonlighting, and my new kitchen, i do like other things. Here is a little peak into what i am obsessing over right now.

1. Bedazzled Bling Phone by Kandee J.
How awesome is this? I would love to pull my phone out of my white coat and see the "shock and awe" of my coworkers at my phone. Kandee has posted on her blog that she will put up a tutorial. She needs to HURRY UP PLEASE! This is one trend i want to copy- stat!

By the way- follow her on twitter @kandeejohnson
and follow me on twitter @laral79

2. Pinterest
Another addicting website. A virtual pinboard where you can collect things you love and find new/fun/cute ideas (DIY crafts and recipes).
I am not sure i know exactly what i am doing but i am having fun looking at stuff and am getting great ideas for stuff for the home!

3. Anything Halloween
Halloween is my favorite holiday. FAVORITE. I can't wait til Oct 1st when i can start decorating. AND i can't wait til November 1st when Halloween decorations are 50% off!!!! Eeek, i get so excited thinking about Halloween decorations on sale!!!!

Right now i am looking for 5' blow mold skeletons to recreate this look- but i can't find any cheap skeletons! But how great is this idea?

Anyway, be on the lookout for late night blogs. I'm on night float for the next two weeks (which basically means i am a vampire) and hopefully i will have plenty of time for reading, web surfing, blogging, and grant writing!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Almost done....or so they say! We have backsplash in most (but not all) of the kitchen. And it looks GREAT!

Then we moved some furniture around and this is in our "family room." Don't you LOVE our wall sticker????

And this is our new clock in our kitchen........

Tiberius thinks all of these changes are exhausting!

More updates to follow.....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

No Kitchen Updates

We are at a standstill.....nothing is happening with the kitchen, which means we have time to do other letting the puppies go swimming!!


Hope you enjoy the video!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

No news is NOT good news

People ask all the time how the kitchen is coming along.
And i usually say "slowly but surely." Knowing full well that it is more slow than sure.

And if you will notice, i have not posted any new pictures of the kitchen. That is because they haven't really done ANYTHING this week. Ok, they did something. The electricians were here and put up my big, beautiful pendant light.

It is REALLY big, very modern looking, and i just <3 it! And yes, it isn't practical (like a ceiling fan) and yes, it doesn't give off a ton of light, and yes, my kitchen guy told me it would be too big, but i love, love love it. It adds just a little bit of a modern, funky touch.

The same day that the light went up, the cabinet people came by and put the finishing touches on everything.

That was tuesday. What happened on monday, wednesday, thursday, and friday was NOTHING. Still no backsplash. Still no broom closet. My kitchen is still NOT DONE. It has been three full weeks since the initiation of this remodeling. I was told it would be done in 2 weeks. Not a chance. Then told it would be done by the 9th (yesterday). Wrong again.

This type A personality girl is being driven CRAZY by the incomplete status of my kitchen. Grrrrr!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

24 down, 6 to go.

Back in August after my big test, i got the crazy idea that since our family didn't have anything going on over Labor day that i would do some moonlighting that weekend. It also made good sense because i am in the MICU this month and will have a VERY BUSY month, so i figured i should get my hours in early.

My "good sense" turned into stupidity when i agreed to do 30 hours of moonlighting in 2 days. 18 hours one day and then 12 the next. Now, i am not going to complain because i signed up for it.......and it helps to have extra income coming in.......and i really do like the veterans, i will just stop right there.

But MAN AM I TIRED! And i found these pictures on the internet which pretty much sums up my shifts right now.....