Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Friday

Since it has been a while, i figured this will just be a random assortment of.....well things.

1st off-
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Right Now-
HIGH - 61°
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It is officially fall....or maybe fall/winter
-i am already longing for mornings of snuggling
-i have already put my electric blanket on my bed
-i have already gotten out my sweaters, leggings, and boots (super cute outfits thankfully!)
-i have realized i have no (and i mean NO) sweatshirts.  I had one, my obligatory Duke sweatshirt that Taylor has stolen and refuses to give back......sigh....guess i need to go shopping (!!!)

trying to make a smooth transition into the next topic (but failing), would you believe that Taylor turns 17 in 2 weeks?  17?!  Unfortunately we don't have a super fun trip planned like Harry Potter World last year, but i do have a pretty cool present for her!!  But with her birthday comes more driving (although she has been doing that), ACT/SATs, and college decisions.  As i told her dad the other day "this shit just got real."  Who would have thought that two scared 17 year olds would bring a little baby girl into the world (only being children themselves), and now they are preparing for her to go off to college.  I feel like i have grown up with her and am so excited to watch her go on this next journey.
So plans as of now- first i am going to read this and this (because i am a dork and like to be prepared) and then taylor does the rest- she will take a SAT prep course, take ACT twice, take SAT twice. Then College visits (Duke, UVA, VA Tech, VCU, JMU, Boston College, College of Charleston) during spring break.  I think we are going to be busy!

Halloween is in 6 days.  Soooo soon!!  I am bummed that i didn't have a pumpkin carving party this year (work and life was too busy)....but you know my house is still all decked out (see previous blog).

Anyway, in the spirit of Halloween, I am going to make these for my co-workers (but i am not going to talk with them because that is against the RULES...hehe):
And these:
Pudding Filled Dirt Cupcakes - chocolate cupcakes with a pudding center and cookie crumbs and gummy worms on top

Well, that is it for now.  I'm excited for the weekend- lots to do around the house (gonna try my hand at the ladder light above my dinning room table), hopefully will have some good mother/daughter time, i'm hoping for some good dinners out, oh...and i am going to play dress up with the pups and their halloween costumes.  Pictures to come (ba ha hahaha- my evil laugh).  :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This Is Halloween.... the Lambert/Dahl house.  We love it.  We are obsessed with it.  Taylor and i go crazy for Halloween.  So i thought i would show y'all some pictures of our house, all gussied up for the holiday.

The outside:
Skeletons escaping

 My ghost walk

The inside:
My Halloween Tree

My dinner guest

My bar 
(when you pick up the phone a creepy voice goes
"don't you dare hang up the phone")

The mantle

It's the little things, you know?  :)