Monday, September 19, 2011

(More) Current Obsessions

Despite my obsession with my family, work, moonlighting, and my new kitchen, i do like other things. Here is a little peak into what i am obsessing over right now.

1. Bedazzled Bling Phone by Kandee J.
How awesome is this? I would love to pull my phone out of my white coat and see the "shock and awe" of my coworkers at my phone. Kandee has posted on her blog that she will put up a tutorial. She needs to HURRY UP PLEASE! This is one trend i want to copy- stat!

By the way- follow her on twitter @kandeejohnson
and follow me on twitter @laral79

2. Pinterest
Another addicting website. A virtual pinboard where you can collect things you love and find new/fun/cute ideas (DIY crafts and recipes).
I am not sure i know exactly what i am doing but i am having fun looking at stuff and am getting great ideas for stuff for the home!

3. Anything Halloween
Halloween is my favorite holiday. FAVORITE. I can't wait til Oct 1st when i can start decorating. AND i can't wait til November 1st when Halloween decorations are 50% off!!!! Eeek, i get so excited thinking about Halloween decorations on sale!!!!

Right now i am looking for 5' blow mold skeletons to recreate this look- but i can't find any cheap skeletons! But how great is this idea?

Anyway, be on the lookout for late night blogs. I'm on night float for the next two weeks (which basically means i am a vampire) and hopefully i will have plenty of time for reading, web surfing, blogging, and grant writing!

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