Saturday, September 10, 2011

No news is NOT good news

People ask all the time how the kitchen is coming along.
And i usually say "slowly but surely." Knowing full well that it is more slow than sure.

And if you will notice, i have not posted any new pictures of the kitchen. That is because they haven't really done ANYTHING this week. Ok, they did something. The electricians were here and put up my big, beautiful pendant light.

It is REALLY big, very modern looking, and i just <3 it! And yes, it isn't practical (like a ceiling fan) and yes, it doesn't give off a ton of light, and yes, my kitchen guy told me it would be too big, but i love, love love it. It adds just a little bit of a modern, funky touch.

The same day that the light went up, the cabinet people came by and put the finishing touches on everything.

That was tuesday. What happened on monday, wednesday, thursday, and friday was NOTHING. Still no backsplash. Still no broom closet. My kitchen is still NOT DONE. It has been three full weeks since the initiation of this remodeling. I was told it would be done in 2 weeks. Not a chance. Then told it would be done by the 9th (yesterday). Wrong again.

This type A personality girl is being driven CRAZY by the incomplete status of my kitchen. Grrrrr!!!

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