Sunday, September 4, 2011

24 down, 6 to go.

Back in August after my big test, i got the crazy idea that since our family didn't have anything going on over Labor day that i would do some moonlighting that weekend. It also made good sense because i am in the MICU this month and will have a VERY BUSY month, so i figured i should get my hours in early.

My "good sense" turned into stupidity when i agreed to do 30 hours of moonlighting in 2 days. 18 hours one day and then 12 the next. Now, i am not going to complain because i signed up for it.......and it helps to have extra income coming in.......and i really do like the veterans, i will just stop right there.

But MAN AM I TIRED! And i found these pictures on the internet which pretty much sums up my shifts right now.....



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