Monday, September 26, 2011

when and what should i eat?

i find myself asking this a lot. and if you know me at all, it wasn't always like this! 4 1/2 years ago i was less than 100 pounds, not eating anything...or....when i did, i always made it come right back up. (and come on people- we all know i did this- i am not sugar coating my life- it is real). eating was not a priority. at all.

i mean, look people---> skin and bones. bleh. oh- and look how cute taylor was! 10 years old and no red hair. and no countdown to her learner's permit (Nov 6th she will be 15)! lol.
obviously that is different now. i have gained 40(ish) pounds, eat three meals a day, and cook up a storm. one of my favorite things to do is spend a sunday planning meals for the week and then grocery shopping for all of the ingredients. seriously, this is the life. :)

unfortunately, i am on night float, working at night and sleeping during the day. it makes eating, or deciding when to eat, very difficult. i still want breakfast in the morning before i go to sleep (love sleeping on a full stomach) but i am having a hard time coming up with when i should eat "lunch" and "dinner." i am getting ready for work when i should be having lunch and then running around like a crazy person at work when it is time for dinner.

i bring snacks to munch on- rice cakes, gobstoppers, gum (you know, healthy things). and of course i have my diet mt dew. however, due to my crazy work schedule, i don't think have had a real meal since friday night at Basil when i had the MOST DELISH Pad Thai (side note again- we were there for rahul's bachelor party- and fyi, i did not partake in any festivities after dinner). i miss pasta. and hamburgers. and anything else i can dream up (meaning find the recipe) and cook.

by the way, remember how i gushed over my favorite cooking website a few weeks ago? i have been cooking up muffins in my spare time. muffins for taylor. muffins for my MSICU resident. muffins for my MICU resident. muffins for my neighbors. cooking them but not eating- crazy right?

tonight, i made these a-mazing Cinnamon and Sugar Donut Muffins. Soooo wonderful.

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