Monday, January 13, 2014

My last blog post of my "early thirties."

I'm growing up.  In three short days, i leave my "early thirties" and transition to the "late thirties."  Or the big 3.5.  I realize that 35 isn't old....and really you are only as old as you feel...or only as old as you look (thanks dad for the oily skin that keeps me looking young and allows people to think taylor and i are sisters instead of mother & daughter...hehe)....but as a kid i remember thinking that 35 was old.  I mean OLD.  And now, i am about to be 35.  But don't worry- i plan to celebrate in style.  A quiet dinner with loved ones and i bought myself a REALLY nice  :)

Sharing a few things i love right now.
Do you know this blog?  Or her instagram account?  @mommasgonecity
If you don't, head over there and spend some time looking at her pictures.   Basically she has a son who is about 2 years old (Beau) and the family adopted a puppy (Theo) and these two take naps together.  All the time.  And she takes pictures of it daily.....which has now turned into a book deal (!!!)

Momma's Gone City Theo and Beau

I honestly look forward to nap pictures on a daily basis.  It makes me smile.  Friends forever.  I just die! :)
Go over to her blog or instagram and add a little happiness into your day.


How did i not jump on the Girls bandwagon when it 1st came out?  And why did it take me ALL this time to figure out i needed to be watching this show.  Worst part of it all?  I made the decision to start watching seasons 1&2 only 4 days before season 3 came out (last night).  I have no idea what prompted me to start watching the show....maybe it is because i have ALL this time on my hands....or maybe it is because my favorite food blogger Jessica ( talks about the show all the time....or maybe because i just wanted to. 
So i watched seasons 1 and 2 in 3 days.  Literally sat on my rear end on saturday (it was rainy and yucky so totally justifiable) and made my way through each episode.  AND.  IT.  WAS.  FABULOUS.

The show is unbelievably witty, painfully truthful, and has hilarious dialogue.  And really sometimes i can't believe i am watching is like a car accident that you can't turn away from.  But i'm hooked.  Like "i love lena dunham, want her to be my best friend, inspire me to write a book, pray that taylor writes a screen play so we can go to the golden globes in 10 years."  *sigh*

Speaking of the Golden Globes.  I really need to go to the movies.  I can't even tell you the last movie i went to.....maybe Sinister (which i watched through my hands over my eyes)....but there are so many movies i want to see!  American Hustle.  Gravity.  12 years a slave.  It really needs to rain on the weekends so i can feel good about going to see a movie and not missing fun things that are happening in Charleston.

And despite the fact that it is Restaurant week in Charleston.....CO, J Paulz, and Poogan's Porch were all great....going to Cypress and Trattoria lucca (for my birthday!!) later this week.....i made this last night.
Cilantro Lime Shrimp

It was amazing.  Served over a little pasta and we had crusty bread to sop up the sauce.....yummmm!  If you like shrimp at all, make this.  Make this now.  :)

Well, Kathy Lee and Hoda are on, which means i need to start my day.  Today is my "run errands day" since i will be working most of the week.....except on my birthday because really?  who wants to work on their birthday, right?  I'm excited to start my life in my "late thirties" and i know 2014 is going to be a great year!!

Happy Monday everyone!