Monday, December 31, 2012

A year in pictures

So 2012 has come to an end.  And what a year it has been!  

Yesterday i was sitting in front of the tv watching Pitch Perfect for the 100th time (ok, actually just the 5th) while the puppies were chewing on large chewies and I was waiting for Taylor’s train to arrive from Virginia, i started thinking about the year.  What a life changing year.

 Can you believe a year ago tonight Drea and I were together?

And here is her beautiful family out on the boat for a New Years ride.  Now her family has expanded by 1.  hehe

I guess i didn't do much between Jan-April (can you blame me?  i mean i was getting divorced!)
For spring break, we went to Carowinds!

And on April 11th, my niece Ava Ray, turned 1!

Oh- and do you remember the green swamp fiasco?
 And i had to hire a pool company to make it crystal blue and sparkling again.

And on 4-27-12, i went to a champagne benefit for my dear friend Brent Pace and Cystic Fibrosis. 
I didn't eat much that night and after 3 glasses of champagne, ALL the cash that i had in my wallet went to the cause.  It was a good bit more than i was expecting to spend, but hey- it is for a great cause and a great (very handsome) man. I am hoping next year Drea can be my date- hint hint drea!

And while i loved making this, it is super duper heavy!!

In May, we had a 60th Surprise party for my wonderful mom!

And in June Taylor had a big month.
She got her license.

She went to Europe

And she got me a Joey hat!

In July, i started my 3rd (and last) year of Pulmonary Fellowship.  
Notice how i am the only girl?!?  But i love Matt, Travis, Clay, and Rahul!

Taylor and i did "wine and design" 

Another new addition- Leia
 She loves her brother

 In October, Kelly and Ellis got married!


Taylor's 16th birthday!!  Whooo hoooo!

 And in November, Paul and Erika found out they were having another girl!

Christmas came.....and the terror named Leia attacked our tree.
Final ornament count: 50+
  By the way, I put away all of the Christmas decorations yesterday and Leia still managed to chew up 24 glass ornaments this morning while I was sleeping.  Seriously?  So we have lost 50 ornaments just this year alone.  Thanks. A. Lot.

The babies!

I wish i had taken more pictures this year but i have been a little busy (getting divorced, working, raising a 16 year old, and adjusting to a new, healthier and better life).   2012 was a difficult, life changing year.  Goodbye 2012.  There were some good times but i would rather not revisit most of the other times.  2013 will be MUCH MUCH better.  Can't wait for this year!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday things

1. Apparently my dogs are excited about Christmas too!
So today after coming home from work, i found a nice surprise.  Leia had decided to help open the presents under our tree.....because we apparently were too slow doing it!

Here is my present from Brett- which is a coat from Anthropologies ( !!!!!) that i had wanted.  Let me say that Tiberius DID NOT destroy the presents....he just felt bad for me because i was so upset (note his eyes)

And here is the all her big eared glory.

Oh- and you might notice the green mixed in to the wrapping paper- well, that is tree branches that Leia also brought into the house.  Apparently they go well with wrapping paper all over the floor.  :(

By the way, this is the jacket- it was not harmed in Leia's attempt to hurry up Christmas.

Isn't she a beauty???

2. Moving on. Have you seen this video?  People are posting it onto Facebook like crazy and this morning i watched it in bed with Ellie looking at me strangely while i laughed my ass off.

Now that you have watched it and laughed your ass off, go to youtube and look up The Scary Snowman.  And then watch all the videos and waste 2 hours.  Your welcome.

3. What is NOT a waste of 2 hours- the movie Pitch Perfect.
For those of you who loved Acapella  groups back in college, this movie allows you to relive those glory days.  As a side note, i must admit that i was OBSESSED with an all male group back at Duke during my college years- Speak of the Devil.  My BFF at the time and i would go see them perform and swoon.  Seriously swoon.  Nothing was sexier than 20 guys, harmonizing to Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, and Marvin Gaye.  And to let you know what a huge fool i was during that awkward college time, during my freshman year I was in love with one of the guys in the group (a senior), and even wrote him a letter telling him that i liked him.  Or maybe loved him.  And that we should be together (date).  Ummm.....i am so sorry but now looking back on it, i was the weird, fat girl that was slightly stalker-ish and needed to get a life.  I bet he got so many laughs out of my letter.
Moving on.
Here is a clip of the movie.  Go rent or buy the movie- it just came out on DVD this week- you won't regret it!

4. I found this at the ABC store- and granted, Burnett's isn't the best vodka but this stuff is GREAT!  Drink it with coke. Or in hot chocolate.  Yum-o!

5. Apparently the end of the world is going to happen tomorrow, December 21, 2012 at 11:11. If today was your last day on earth (which is won't be bc i don't believe in all this hoop-la about the Mayan calendar, etc), what would you do?  Make today count.  And when you live through tomorrow, make the next day count too.

Love to you all!  Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Santa letters

i wish i had kept all of Taylor's letters to Santa to look back and remember her young years....but also to laugh at the letters, her spelling, what she asked for (hello she LOVED Barney...and not the Barney from HIMYM but the big purple dinosaur).
but today, while i was surfing the web, i came across these gems and thought i would share my top 5.

5) Gotta love technology today.

4) Ok, this girl is obsessed.  I mean, OBSESSED!
obsess much?

 3) I love this kid.  So practical.

2)  This little one has BIG expectations!!!

they'll flirt for anything

1) And this one, i can't read out loud without laughing.  I mean, laughing so hard that i start the middle of clinic too.  Who threatens Santa?


Hope you enjoyed these letters and got a chuckle out of them.  7 more days til the jolly man comes to visit!