Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday friday.

Good Friday to all.  11 days til Christmas.  Are you ready?

We sure are!  Get ready for some pictures!
Here is the front door

And the wreath that I MADE!!!  :)

And the wreath that i bought.

And our tree- with its lack of Christmas ornaments on the bottom part, and its lop-sided star.  :)

The fireplace

The serving table.

And Merry Christmas to me- here is a present i bought for myself:
You can buy them here for a mizillion dollars ($200 or so) or go to downtown Charleston to House of Sage and get them for 1/4 the price.  Whooo hooo!

Here are some randoms:
In case you like auto correct like i do, here is Glamour's 14 Funniest Auto Correct Dating Fails

And for more reading on Friday afternoon, Glamour's 25 Best Quotes from 2012

Oh- and i laughed when TAYLOR showed this to me.
The cast of Mean Girls (love that movie!!!).  Then and now.


Happy Friday everyone.  Enjoy the weekend, the holiday parties, and the weather.  And please don't drink and drive.  Make sure you have a designated driver....or call Taylor and she can pick you up for $10.  Hey- it is better than jail!  :)

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