Thursday, December 6, 2012

Picture Update

 This was going to be my Christmas card....but i realized i didn't have many people to send it to.....i guess that is what happens when you work all the time and have very few friends.  So for my 4 readers, this is my Christmas card to you.  Merry Christmas from Tiberius, Ellie, and Leia.

Ok, and how many of you love
I can sit for hours and just laugh and laugh and laugh at the pictures.  It is better than autocorrect fail!
So here is my attempt at Dog Shaming....
 "Hi, my name is Leia and i ate 8 Christmas Ornaments today."*
* 12/02/12
Please note the * because after that date, 13 more ornaments have lost their lives.  And this is AFTER we put the tree on the table.

Oh, and which dog do you think did this?  Tiberius or Leia?  Or both?
It just so happens that this morning i was taking a nap and snuggling with Ellie and after i woke up, i went downstairs and  found this. And don't you love the dirt that is under the couch?  UGH!

And this is proof that doctors DO have fun.  hehehehe.
Love my happy hours with my girls.  :)

And since they already announced it on Facebook, i can share the news with you.....
I'm going to be an aunt again!
And it is another girl!
Congrats to my brother Paul and his wife Erika.  And of course the sweet older sister Ava.

Well, that is it for my picture update.  I wish i took more pictures and i wish i did more things to take pictures of!!  :)

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