Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What happened to November?

I swear to you that we just got back from Florida and Taylor's 16th birthday celebration....or at least it feels like we did.  But that was weeks ago and now November is almost over and Christmas decorations are going up, presents are being purchased, and parties are being held.

A few things:

1) Notice anything different?
To add another present to the pile Taylor got (just from me bc apparently the Lambert family are slackers with presents), i let Tay get her nose pierced.  Piercing and tattoos don't bother me (obviously...hello, i have 7 tattoos!) but it does bother my extended family because we came into the world without metal or ink on our bodies and that is how we should leave.  But her piercing is small, tasteful, and age appropriate.  I give it two thumbs up....and despite what ENT docs will say, i am not worried about her developing Meningitis from an infection in her nose that will extend into her brain.

2) I don't get Elf on the shelf.  Of course my child is 16 and the Santa jig is way up.  But this lady's blog is spot on.  So funny.

3) Did you know that Boy Meets World is having a spin off on the Disney Channel?   This is HUGE news for those of you who loved Cory and Topanga!  Apparently Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel – who starred as the fictional couple on the '90s hit series Boy Meets World – are reuniting for a pilot episode of Girl Meets World.  I seriously can't wait.

Well that is it for now.  Hope everyone is well and staying warm.  I know i am.

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