Thursday, November 1, 2012

Do you remember how much i love halloween?  Well, today was the WORST and the BEST day because
1) I had to take down all of my decorations but....
2) I got to buy new ones at 50% off!  Love Nov 1st sale of Halloween decorations!

Anyway, here is (was) my house for the month of October

 Front door.....

My ghost "walk"

Dinner guest....

Our graveyard.....

Happy Halloween from Leia

And here is my baby, giving me love.  :)

 My "DIY" flowers and pumpkin.  Thank you Pinterest!!

My baby.  :)

 And Ava isn't "my" baby but she sure is cute.
She was Dorothy for Halloween!

And i think Taylor gave her some chocolate....

Again....such a cutie.....

Well, it is late (9pm) and i am tired...yes i know i am lame.
BUT.....tomorrow Taylor and I are traveling to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Florida!  This is her "Super Sweet 16 Party"......thank goodness she didn't want a party and just wanted to bring friends to HP should be so much fun.....1st vacation with her since 2007.  WOW!!!

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