Saturday, October 27, 2012

Puppy Adventures....

Well, we have had Leia for two whole weeks.  Two weeks of adjusting to a new "baby."  Changing my morning routines, changing how we feed the other two dogs and what we leave out (RIP two pairs of flip flops).  And we have learned a lot.

We have learned to close the door to the bathroom.....because she likes to eat trash.....

And we have learned that she and Tiberius get along great and like to play (they are playing here, not fighting).....

.......and they also sleep well together too.....

And maybe sometimes i think that she might be possessed by the devil because while we are crate training her and she doesn't have accidents at night, when we are home during the oh man.  She pees all the time!

But seriously?  Isn't she soooo cute??!?!?!?

Oh- and Vet update:
She is 18 lbs (projected to be 70-80 lbs)
She got shots and de-worming meds.
And all the vet techs go crazy for her because she is soooo cute.  :)

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