Saturday, October 20, 2012

Random post

I was told that I hadn't written a blog in a long time (7 days is not that long) instead of an email to my sweetie, i told him I would write a blog post......

....but really I don't have much to say or to inform y'all about. *yawn*

I've been spending my week days in the MICU, which i love.  I have a fantastic team and a great attending and of course the nurses, RT and techs are amazing.  If i had to do a month in the MICU, i am glad i got to do this one.....of course i am still a bit bitter since this was suppose to be a research month and i was to have vacation.  WAAHHHHH!  But don't worry.   Taylor's 16th birthday trip will be here soon enough....and Florida, here we come!
I also currently spend my weekends at the VA ER or at the house cooking/cleaning/reading for Pulmonary boards/sleeping/hottubing or an assortment of other random things.  I will have to say that gone are the days of my trashy magazines.  Yes, i will look at every once in a while but most of the time i am reading this.......  ...........................................I'm trying to learn while i still can.

Anyway, not much else to report.  My life is on repeat.  It goes: sleep, wake-up, eat, work, eat, kiss brett and play with the puppies and hang with taylor, eat, and then sleep again.
So here are some random pics. Enjoy!

1st off, here are the new best friends. Ti and Leia. Leia does everything that Ti does (although with more of an attitude) and they play together really well. I'm gonna try to see if i can get a video of them chasing each other around the kitchen. Adorable I tell you.
Even more adorable is my niece, Ava. She is talking and walking up a storm. I would like to say a sarcastic "thank you" for giving me conjunctivitis and now i have to wear my ugly glasses this weekend. Booo.
Tiberius loves yoga by the way.....actually, not true. He just loves to be lazy. This yoga mat just provides an additional space for him to lay down.
And here is my princess Leia in her halloween costume. Brett hates that i dress her up like a "girly dog" but i love it. How cute is her sparkle outfit!?! :)

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