Monday, October 1, 2012

I misspoke

Yes, I misspoke.   Approx 4 months ago, I wrote a blog where i 1) wished my mom a happy birthday and 2) said a heartfelt goodbye to the MICU because I wouldn't be back during my third year due to scheduling and the increased number of fellows.  Well....i is better than saying i lied (which is not the case here)....and i'm back baby!

You see, I had fully planned on no MICU month this year.  And while i love the MICU, i had resolved the fact that out of the five 3rd years, it would be best for me to not work there because that way, i wouldn't have to leave Taylor at home by herself during the 2 weeks of nights.  So when the schedule was made in April, with the knowledge that there would be 15 fellows, i gracefully bowed out of the MICU rotation (i had other ICU months anyway) and then said my goodbyes in May when i did my last (or what i thought would be my last) rotation. 

But i spoke too soon.  And in July, one of our first year fellows wasn't able to start fellowship, and the schedule we had made for 15 fellows was no longer valid.....there was only 14.  So we scrambled to get all of his rotations covered and in the end, all of the 1st year fellows got extra calls and all of the 2nd and 3rd year fellows got a 1/2 month extra ICU rotation.  Except for me....and i inherited his entire MICU month of October.  In the end, in order not to cause total chaos and have to redo the entire schedule, i was the only fellow that didn't have obligations (ie another ICU, wards, or studying for pulm boards) for that month and it made sense for me to take it.  I was slightly bitter since i had planned on taking vacation (OUR 1st vacation ever) and i was also going to take time off for a friend's wedding since Karen would be in town (whoo hoo!)and was going to stay with me.  And yes, i will admit that as i started my night float tonight (1st 2 weeks are on nights, last 2 weeks are on days), i silently cursed this guy for not doing what he could to join the fellowship and ruining my fun October plans.....not to mention making the rest of the fellows take additional calls and cover his rotations!  Blast him!!!

My slight bitterness gave way to familiarity and enjoyment (as much as one can enjoy the ICU i guess) as i was greated in the MICU by friendly faces and smiles and people saying "you're back! YEA!"  And the bitterness i had slowly went away as i got checkout, learned patients, and got hugs from nurses........until a patient's family member told me that we would have to call security on them if i took out the patient's IV.  seriously??  SERIOUSLY??  1st night in the ICU and i already get threatened?!?!?!

I had to gotta love that......but this is what i know......i'm home.

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