Monday, September 24, 2012

I can't believe I just wrote this blog and wasted time on you fools

Dear Celebrities,
I am taking a few minutes out of my busy work day to write you a letter.  I am sure you have heard what I am about to say before, but I think it is worth repeating.  And if you forget and mess up, re-read this letter.

For the love of all things holy, please keep your privates covered and your clothes on.  Did you really think, Princess Kate, that you would have no photogs following you on your honeymoon?  Did you REALLY think it was wise to sunbathe without your top on?  Yes, I realize you have the freedom to do these things and it is inappropriate for people to take pictures of you, but COME ON.  Keep your top on.  You are a Princess.  Your actions are viewed by the entire world, and oh, by the way, every young girl wishes she could be you and every 20-something girl wishes she could have your wardrobe.  You are in the public eye.  Again, keep it covered up.
Oh, and since I am talking about the Royals, can you tell your brother-in-law Harry, to keep his clothes on too?  The saying "what happens in vegas stays in vegas" IS A LIE.  While i appreciate the "cupping" of his privates or of his friend's boobs, it would behoove them to realize that their every move is being watched too.  Please, please keep covered!

And Kanye, a sex tape?  Really?  Did your girlfriend Kim Kardashian not teach you anything?  I realize that you are an attention whore and your new single dropped last week, and you could be pulling this "stunt" so you can get more sales.......but if your computer was really hacked and your private tapes were stolen, then that is your own fault.  You are really dumb if you think a sex tape can be safely stored on a computer.  And I will say this to you and to all other celebrities who have tapes (Kim, Paris, Pam, J Lo, Carley Ray Jepsen (!!?!), Dustin Diamond.....ewww)- STOP filming yourself in bed with someone and then keeping the evidence where people can find it/steal it.  What happens in the bedroom, or boat, or pool, or farm....please keep it there and keep it to yourself.

I can't believe I just wrote this blog and wasted time on you fools.



ps- Watch this Jimmy Kimmel video of celebs reading mean tweets.  This is funny!

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