Monday, September 17, 2012

Mother/daughter date

Do you love groupons as much as I do?  
Ok, actually i love groupon, living social, and then all of those fashion websites where you can get great deals (Hautelook, RueLaLa, Totsy, Ideeli).
I am pretty sure the only shopping i do in person is grocery shopping.  
All of my clothes and home goods i get online.....but i do have to admit that since my financial situation has been rocked, my online shopping has been thwarted.  It is utterly depressing.

Anyway, I got a groupon for Wine and Design in West Ashley about two months ago and while it is a fun "date" place, i decided to take Taylor for a little mother/daughter time.

I let Taylor pick whatever class she wanted......and about once a month they have a "paint your pet" class, which we figured would be perfect for us!  And even though i had done the class before when i painted a picture of Ti (with Jana about 2 years fun!), we figured that Taylor could do a pic of Ellie and that i would do a pic of both of the dogs.

Here is Taylor's picture that she chose.....look at what a cute puppy Ellie was!!

And here is my picture......Ellie and Ti in all of their glory.  :)

The class was about 3.5 hours long.   I brought sushi and cheese and crackers to snack on.  And some wine (for me) and some Arizona tea for Tay.  I will have to admit that yes, it was a very "couple-y" class.  6 couples in total, Taylor and i were the only ones not married/dating.  Apparently it is a popular date night activity.  And of course Tay had to point that out...."thanks for taking me to a place for couples only."

Here is Taylor working on her picture....

And me starting mine.....

By the way, it is REALLY hard to paint a black dog bc when you try to make different shades of black, they turn grey.  I think Tay did a great job though with Ellie.

Almost done....

And here is the final product......i am pretty sure you can tell i like to paint the pictures at Wine and Design.
*our new paintings are on the mantle
*above them are (L) my old Paint Your Pet- Tiberius and (R) Crabby Picture
*to the sides are (L) Rainbow Row and (R) Air Force Appreciation

If you haven't been to Wine and Design, I suggest you do.  It is so fun and you bring your own wine/snacks and they have teachers to help you with the different paintings they have.  They even have classes for kids!
Check em out!

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