Wednesday, September 12, 2012

post 9/11 - need some warm and fuzzies

So I spent about a hour yesterday watching videos of 9/11.  I wasn't trying to be morbid, i just wanted to remember...and see what other people were posting about their memories of that day.

And Taylor left the room bc she didn't want to hear/see any of the videos.....she said it was too sad.
But then i found a video of Emmitt Thunderpaws- a black Great Dane whose dad is in the military.

1st video-Hugs goodbye before deployment

2nd video- Welcome home!

I mean, soooo cute!  I love how pets are just so excited to see their owners.
And these men (and women) are serving our country, fighting a war against terror that started 11 years ago.  I am so thankful for what they do.

Now- here are some more videos of dogs welcoming their owners home......because i am just in that type of mood.  :)

Ok- i am done.
Happy Wednesday wipe those tears from your eyes.  :)

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