Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cuteness overload!

1st video of Leia playing with her new brother and sister.....let's just say that Ellie wasn't too happy with her and Tiberius shows her who is boss.

Cuteness x 2 with Leia meeting Ava, my 18 month old niece.  She is so cute when she says "back here," trying to have Leia come back to her.   awwwww.

Brett hates that i bought a dress for Leia for halloween but she NEEDED it.  She is just too cute.

More playing.....

And no fear....that is what Leia has.  She pushes right in with the "big boy."  And while Tiberius does growl (really because he is a food and water whore), he wouldn't ever bite her.
Again, adorable!

So that concludes your cuteness overload for this Tuesday morning.  Hope it made you smile!!

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