Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tuesday Things

1. 12-12-12
Today is 12-12-12, the last major numerical date using the Gregorian or Christian calendar for almost another century. The next time three numbers will align as they did on 9-9-09, 10-10-10 and 11-11-11 will be on Jan. 1, 3001, or 1-1-1.
Today, for some, represents luck. For others, it’s a day of romance. For most of us, it’s just another Wednesday. Regardless of your beliefs, 12/12/12 comes along with some rather amusing facts and superstitions.
Did you know that wedding bells will be ringing for about 7500 brides today?  A survey conducted by US-based David’s Bridal estimates that around 7,500 brides will be getting hitched in America – a 1,446 per cent increase from the less significant 12/12/11. The surge comes as no surprise, considering the sharp increases in marriages which took place on 11/11/11 and 10/10/10. Couples are keen to tie the knot on a day which they say symbolizes love....and since i am jaded and newly unmarried, i would like to remind them that 1/2 of marriages end in divorce.  That means 3,750 of those women will soon be joining and with broken hearts sooner rather than later.

However, the day will be anything but joyful for others. Many doomsdayers believe 12/12/12 will be the end of the world, thanks to an interpretation of the Mayan calendar. But, most of the end-of-the-world believers are convinced that the actual doomsday is on 12/21/12, when the Mayan calendar is set to end. Do you think they were dyslexic?

Oh, and randomly December 12, 2012 is exactly 6 years, 6 months, 6 days from June 6, 2006, or 06/06/06.

Regardless of what you believe or how you choose to celebrate this date, enjoy it.  I think i might take 2 dollars and play the lottery.

2. Moving right along to the craziness in my life- otherwise known as the puppies- they have been full of trouble this week.
-the ornament count for Leia is around 24.  yes, she has eaten or destroyed 24 Christmas tree ornaments.  She actually threw up glitter last week.  Threw it up.  It was awesome.
-Tiberius has decided that we don't feed him enough (seriously? seriously?) and chewed through the bag of dog food and proceeded to eat about 1/10 of the entire bag.  His poor stomach was so full he looked like he was pregnant!  And all he wanted to do was drink water!  And i might have freaked out and thought he was going to die from bloat (yes, it is a real thing).....otherwise known as volvulus....and cried and worried and prayed.  He farted all night long and then i am assuming took a large dump (i don't watch so i can't confirm this) and wanted to eat all over again.  I swear.

3. Do you miss the 90's?  I do.  If you do, read this .
Hello # 2 and # 9.  Can i tell you how much i love TBS from 4pm-6pm, watching Friends re-runs?  I go into a slight depression when i am in the ICU and miss those two hours. <3

4. It has been a rough year- so.....

 So to sum it up-
I am playing the lottery today.  My dogs are crazy.  I love Friends re-runs.  There were parts of 2012 that were not so fun - 2013 will be BETTER!!!

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