Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday things

Good tuesday evening to you.  Well, i am unexpectedly sitting at home and have finished notes and reading (wow!) for today, so i thought i would write a blog!  Joy!

1. Ombre vs Hombre
What is different between these three pictures?

OMBRE describes picture #1 and #2.  Hombre is a whole different story.  Let's get it straight people. 
So when i went to work the other day, i was told "you have like 4 different colors in your hair."  And another co-worker piped in "yeah, it looks like you let your roots just grow out!" 
I politely told them that it was "ombre" and for the rest of the night, they called me "hombre" with a thick spanish accent.  My hair is beautifully colored ombre, allowing me to have dark and light, demention, and style.  I am not sporting a mexican man on my head people!

2. Leia's new chew toys.
Now that the Christmas tree is down, Leia has found something else to occupy her time.  My med school books.  I lost my Netter and a College Dictionary and a Medical Ethics book, and a Neuroscience book.  Maybe, just maybe she will gain some knowledge while eating the pages.  Kinda like i thought i would absorb knowledge when i fell asleep on the books.

3. And yes. i *might* drink too much Diet Mountain Dew but guess what????  My brother is now allowed to fix my teeth!  He is currently a 4th year (this is his last year) dental student at MUSC, applying for Pediatric Fellowships and is spending these next few months in the clinic practicing.  So i let him practice on me- and he is GREAT!  Fixed my broken and cavity filled tooth quickly and painlessly.
Here i am taking a picture of him putting in my dental dam (insert inappropriate joke here).  He told me to stop tweeting....or instagraming.  Lol.  I was just documenting this occasion where Dr Lambert was working on Dr Lambert....and both doctors were NOT my dad!  :)

4. Oh, and please go and read THIS which is 13 Life Lessons As Taught by the movie Bridesmaids.  #7 anyone?  Where are my pushers?

5. And I would like to thank Taylor's dad, Josh, and his wife, Sara, for allowing Taylor to use their Netflix account.  Not only does she like to watch Breaking Bad, when she is at school or asleep, I get on her computer and i watch American Horror Story Season 1.  I never watched it when it originally aired because it comes on at 10pm- which is WAY past my bedtime.  But Oh My Goodness.  So great.  I love the mystery and strangely, i get turned on just watching it.  The series reminds me of Nip/Tuck, which i also adored......and got turned on by each week.  :)

Well, tomorrow is my birthday.  The big 3-4. Where did the time go? 
To make this a less painful birthday, here are some present suggestions for you, my adoring fans:
-Sour Patch Kids
- This necklace (because i am obsessed with it!)  http://www.valeriesboutique.com/necklaces/two-star.html
-A gas grill (my stupid ex took ours)
-Any sort of "bling"- real or fake, as long as you can't tell!
-An afternoon of rollerskating (sooooo fun!)
-Surf lessons (but you would also need to get me a wetsuit bc i am NOT bikini ready.....nor have i been in the years past.  lol.

Have a good evening!

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