Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I dream about Duke

I spent 4 wonderful years at Duke University, from 1999-2002, getting my undergraduate degree. My time there was filled with good friends, good times, and a little bit....ok, a lot of learning.

It is no surprise that Duke enters my dreams every once in a while. Actually, if i calculate it, i dream about Duke twice a month. Each time i am back in my apartment, at 1700 Pace St Apt R and am surrounded by the same close friends, but things from my present life always show up. For example, my bloodhound, Tiberius, is always there. 10 years ago i would have never dreamed about having such a large slobbery monster, but in my dreams, he is always there. Running up and down the stairs of my apartment complex, enjoying treats from adoring neighbors, and sleeping at my feet while i write my thesis.

Last night i dreamed it was the start of a new school year and i didn't have my schedule written down. Therefore I had to go all around campus (with Tiberius, of course) and ask each class if i was enrolled. I tried to drive to each campus but there were no parking places, so i ended up taking the bus to each classroom. I distinctly remember the bus route in my dream was the same bus route i would take daily to get to class from my central campus apartment in real life. My best friend from college, Kaitlin, was around but of course had her schedule neatly written down (and memorized) and wasn't stressing like i was....actually, she was enjoying coffee by the chapel with a large group of people while i tried to find my classes.

With Duke being in the news so much currently (sex thesis anyone?) it makes sense that i would dream about it. And i love how i have a perfect blend of past and present in my dream. It makes it very entertaining.

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  1. Woman! I was so happy to find your blog! I do remember your My Space blog, and am glad you're deciding to document your life again. It's a nice way to know what's going on :) We did have such an amazing four years-I dream about it sometimes too. And still think I couldn't bear to visit yet-would make me awash with sadness!

    Hope you're doing well! Talk to you again soon!