Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Taylor is going to kill me...

...but since i only have 5 followers, i figured i would share this cute story with y'all (and NOT post it on facebook....although i really want to!)

So yesterday in an effort to "talk" with my kid about boys, sex, etc (see previous blog), i asked her if she liked anyone. She said yes and then went into a story of how middle school is so hard because people gossip, etc. Apparently she likes a boy, who is the same boy that her best friend, Cali, likes. Oh no! To me, immediately, i thought that was a HUGE problem. I love Cali to death and know that something stupid like a boy crush could ruin their friendship. I remember my best friend from 7th grade very well (Lindsay Mellon) but couldn't even begin to remember who i dated at that time (or if i even dated...i mean, i had my first kiss in 9th grade...i was a late bloomer).

So, i kinda tip toed around the issue for a bit, asking Taylor if it was serious, did she really like him, did Cali like him, etc. And then told her that friendship was more important than boys.

And she goes "i know mom, chicks before dicks." jaw dropped. And then she says, "kinda like bros before hoes, except it is chicks before dicks."


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