Saturday, November 6, 2010

Taylor's 14th b-day

Hard to believe that my 14 year old daughter who looks like this....

....use to look like this. HOW ADORABLE!

I don't have a scanner or else taylor would be sooo embarrassed by all the pictures that i would post. She was such a beautiful baby!

So yes, 14 years ago i had a baby. I went for a check-up on Nov 5th (don't remember my actual due date) and was told my blood pressure was high and had protein in my urine. To a 17 year old i had no idea what that meant. Now i know that means i had pre-eclampsia and needed to get delivered sooner than later. So my OB said "come to the hospital tonight and we will have that baby!"
I went home, packed, and went back to UVA (9th floor) with Josh and my mom. Josh brought me shrimp for my "last meal" which unfortunately i threw up all over him hours later. Around midnight they broke my water and thus labor started. It was an uncomfortable night, which i don't remember much of, but i got an epidural at 8 am and slept for 3 hours. Around 11 am, it was time. One hour and 12 minutes later, a baby girl was born.

A GIRL? I hadn't found out the sex but everyone was telling us we were having a boy because of the way i was carrying it (to me, i was just fat, not "carrying" it one way or another), so i had a name all picked out- Kaleb Joshua. And now a girl? Dang it! :)
We named her Taylor Lynn- Taylor after my favorite soap opera star (nice, eh?), and Lynn after both his mom and my mom's middle name. Thus, TLD had a name and a birthday.

I honestly don't remember much about the labor/birth etc. I remember josh, my mom and his parents were in the room when Taylor was born. Oh- and the best part, my nurse was an ex-boyfriend's mom. I KNOW she was thinking "thank god this is not my grandchild." Haha! My friends, brother, sister, and dad came to visit Taylor after she was born. And i remember Josh calling to get insurance for her and us registering her for a social security card (which was stolen when berry's car was broken into and i haven't replaced yet).

An intersting thing- Taylor is 14 today. My sister was 14 when Taylor was born. Isn't that crazy?!?! I can't believe how fast time flies. When she was born, i didn't think about the fact that i was going to have a grown kid. I just focused on having a baby, raising an infant. I didn't realize that she would grow up as i grew up. That she would do homework while i did my homework. And that she would say things like "mom, you are ruining my life" or "chicks before dicks."

Anyway, it has been an adventure. 14 years and counting.
Happy Birthday to my little girl!

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  1. Sniff, sniff....I remember holding her when she was hours old. Geeesshhh I wish I had a scanner too!!! She's beautiful and so luck to have you as a mom. Although I still think that you should have named her Mary Ellen. I'm so proud of you!!