Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

We are finally home, stuffed from the smoked turkey, grits, 7 layer salad, glazed apricots, green beans, stuffing, mashed potatoes, collards, mac & cheese, and rolls.....sooo much food.

We gathered at my parent's house- the whole Lambert clan:
my parents
my brother Paul and his wife Erika
Berry and taylor
my sister Leslie
Neannie and my great aunt, Ruth Anne
Pa-paul and Marie
My aunt and uncle, Patty and Ed
My cousin Stephen and his wife Mandy and their son David

17 total= wow!

here is our table BEFORE dinner

Me, Erika, and Mandy (with David crashing the photo)

Paul and Erika (19 weeks pregnant!)

Little David

Me, Taylor, and Pa-paul (who looks good for having spinal surgery just last week!)
Like i said this morning, i am thankful for sleeping in and my crock pot. :)
I am also thankful that my family lives close by and that i am able to spend the holidays with them. AND i am thankful that we are all healthy. With the month that i have had at work, i know we are so blessed to all be in good health.
People that were missing included: my cousin Brad and his wife Lisa (who are up in Charlotte) and Camille (who is in Denver- yes, Denver, Colorado, where it is spitting snow), and Mary and her Paul(who are with his family today).

Oh- and lastly i am thankful for the health of my dogs- especially Tiberius who decided he did not want to wait to eat dinner tonight, and chewed through the new bag of dog food to start eating early (without us). We found him munching happily on the food.....we were only 15 minutes late from our "normal" feeding schedule. I wonder how much he would have ate if we were a hour late!!!!

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