Sunday, November 21, 2010

What are we fighting for?

The title of this blog has been stuck in my head all day....and now that i sit down to write (i have a few free minutes while on call), i can't get started.

I remember a fight i had with my middle school best friend, Kathy Hudy. I got mad at her (when i was at her house, mind you) and her sister and i locked her outside for about a hour so that we could play together without her. Needless to say, Kathy was not happy. Nor was her mom. Or my mom. It didn't end our friendship....she ended up moving away to PA when we were in high school. I went to visit her one summer and had the best time. Unfortunately, as most people did back then when there was no cell phone, email, or facebook, we lost contact. My mom and her mom still talk at random times. I know Kathy is married and has kids. That is about it.

I hadn't thought about that fight until yesterday. It seemed that my weekend has been full of fights. I have had patient's families fighting, i have been fighting with my family, and then of course i have pissed off some people this weekend too. The hard thing about fighting as we get older, is that the people we often fight with, we love the most. We are now at a point in our lives where we truly value the people we surround ourselves with. Especially in my line of work, with my job taking up so much time, time is valuable. Therefore, friendship is valuable. And the time we spend with those valuable people is also valuable. Does that make sense?

It might not but i at least wanted to get this out. Life is short. I had a patient pass away yesterday and it made me realize, what are we fighting for?

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