Monday, November 1, 2010

different authors

I forgot when i made this blog it allows me, Berry, and Taylor to author posts.
I really wanted it to be a "family" blog that allows friends and family to see the ins and out of our lives, like a mini-reality show, but just to read. Something to chronicle the good and the bad, the sad and the happy, the ups and the downs.

Just this morning i sat down to check my friend Megan's blog to see if she had her baby yet (she hadn't). And discovered that someone had posted on my blog 1 day ago. It wasn't weekend was filled with working, celebrating birthdays, more working, and then some sadness. However, i didn't have time to blog.

To my suprise, and enjoyment, i found taylor's reply to my blog. Apparently she IS going to kill me for telling her funny story about "chicks before dicks." I laughed out loud. She is such a crazy girl...i have NO idea where she gets it from!

Anyway, all of this is in good fun. I'm excited that Taylor is writing...just hope she is working on homework as well!!!

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  1. I'm not a follower, just a Mom that enjoys reading blogs. Found yours on a friend of a know how that goes. Anyway your story and your daughters cracked me up. I loved that time with my daughter at that age. Enjoy the love and Taylor is a real gem. You both are fun writers.
    ps I thought you might like to know you aren't writing in a void! You really do have more than five readers!