Monday, November 15, 2010

A family that blogs together, stays together.

I must admit that I am impressed by the amount of blogging over the past day or so. I had one entry, taylor had 2, and berry had 1 as well. I like that we can share our thoughts, despite our differences.

To settle a few things:

1) I am still getting use to my husband hunting and the text pictures he sends me of his kills. I never thought I would be married to a guy who hunts and fishes (and is pretty good at it) but I am. It isn’t bad….as long as I don’t have to see him kill anything and as long as I don’t have to clean it! And of course, it is pretty cool to be able to get our food from the earth- the meat is organic and without any additives. I am impressed.

2) I don’t mind taylor dying her hair. I really don’t- I just wish it wasn’t so dark. So it all started with me allowing her to dye her hair last year- she had a burgundy color for a while, a brown color, and then over the summer, she went BLACK. It was a semi-permanent color that apparently doesn’t wash out despite what the instructions say. And now her hair is dark and when her roots start to grow, they are light brown- doesn’t look great. So, instead of spending LOTS of money to get her hair professionally colored back to her normal brown (which would require bleach and then more color), we went back to dark hair. And I am not my father- I don’t believe that black hair = drug use.

3) I am doing ok. Despite what you hear or see, I am ok. November has been a difficult month- I am working in an ICU with very sick patients which is draining both physically and emotionally. Also without going into too much detail, I am once again coming to grips with disappointments that I wish I didn’t have to face. It makes me question my professional career, my intelligence, and if I am able to balance work and family. It always hurts to question yourself, especially when you have gotten to a certain point in life—but I am quietly working through it. With my busy schedule, I barely see my friends here in Charleston, AND I miss my friends that have moved away terribly. What I wouldn’t give to sit and watch Sex in the City while drinking champagne with Karen, or drink a Bucket-o-margaritas with Jen or go to happy hour with Court. Did you notice the common theme- alcohol. :)
Alas, I will just have to settle for few and far between vacations and future weekend trips….if I ever get some extra $.

4) On a more silly note- my heart does NOT beat faster when I visit Jessica’s store- although I am still dreaming about that pink coat with the bow. It really was fabulous.

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