Thursday, November 4, 2010

a little off this week

So, it is no suprise that when something happens that is unexpected, it can cause a ripple effect, making other things unexpectedly happen, and then more unexpected things happen, and then so on and so forth.
I had a pretty bad weekend last weekend. Despite the holiday (i sooo love halloween) and the fact that i didn't have to work, it was pretty crappy. In an effort to not let it get me down, i looked at Nov 1st as a new day of a new month and it was going to be good. Besides, i am currently working in the ICU (which i love) and the weather is turning into fall and the other holidays are coming up, my mind, it was going to be a good week. That hasn't been the case. So, let's see what has happened.
First, i stabbed my intern with a thoracentesis needle.


Then i had 2 really sick patients come in at one time and i ran around work like a crazy person trying to "fix" them. The kicker was that it kept me at the hospital a lot later than i usually work, causing me to come home just in time to eat, shower, and fall into bed.

My poor neglected family!

THEN today while trying to instruct my intern (the same one who i poked) on a line placement, i failed miserably and spent 1.5 hours trying to place a line. I was sweating in places i shouldn't be sweating in. And of course, it was a mistake to wear heels today.

I know i shouldn't complain because i do love my job but i feel like i have had a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day."



  1. I am sorry..... I hope the needle you stabbed him with was clean??? Don't worry better days filled with sunshine are ahead. Never wear heels to work EVER... and at least you got the line in...

    I wish I could give you some sour patch kids and diet mountain dew,


  2. awww thanks!
    i did have 2 20 oz diet mt dew today. no candy though....didn't really have time to eat.

    i know there is going to be ups and downs these days....just wish there wasn't so many downs right in a row!


  3. Yup that was a lot of downs in a row. Time for some ups.....Fingers and Toes crossed for some big ups