Saturday, December 4, 2010


Pica is the persistent eating of substances with no nutrition, such as dirt or paint.

And yup, someone in our family has been diagnosed with it. That person would be Tiberius, our 3 year old red bloodhound. It started innocently- he would grab tissues out of the trash or out of the Kleenex box but it has now turned into a full blown problem.

You can't even leave him by himself anymore...unless he is sleeping. He pretty much eats anything that is paper. Newspaper, magazines, books, and even has taken a liking to Berry's stack of C of C psych tests.

I have done a bit of reading on it and it apparently is because he is either 1) bored or 2) wants attention. Well sorry i cannot provide attention to him during the 10 hours of the day that he is awake (he really does sleep about 14 hrs a day) but seriously! So demanding! If he ever gets a hold of my magazines or cookbooks, he is going to be dead!!!

The initial paper trail.....

Berry's tests from his C of C classes

Taylor's Stephen King novel.....

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  1. I would have to say he is bored, Dogs need so much exercise and attention it is insane, No popping in a video for them. Well Jack actually does have a video made for dogs.

    I know Sue Gray takes her dog Boone to daycare and it is pretty cheap. Jack went for about a year and half and he would come home so tired he would barely eat and then pass out.

    I took him out of school because the one school he really loved got overcrowded and therefore flees and other crap became a problem.

    He went to Camp Bow Wow a few times but he just didnt seem to like it so much, he had no where to go to get a break from the other dogs

    Maybe you can start taking him to daycare, one to two days a week, pay a kid to come run him, I bet he can run really well. Help him to get his energy out. Walks, runs, big old chew toys and if tht is not enough, try daycare, nothing beats the feeling of your dog passing out because they are so tired.