Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dear Santa

I loved writing Santa letters when i was younger.....what kid doesn't? You get to ask for tons of, toys, more toys, clothes, jewelry, etc. AND you don't have to do anything for these presents. Santa just brings them to your house and places them under the tree and *poof*! You wake up Christmas morning and tear into your undeserved presents.

For this blog i thought about what i would want for christmas. Momentarily it went like this:

1) Diamond earrings
2) A bloodhound puppy
3) New clothes- preferably from Express, Urban Outfitters, Jessicas, Red Dress Boutique (my new fav store)
4) Pretty shoes

And when i look at what i selfish! Only thinking of me. And i don't NEED any of those things...i just want them. Big difference

So putting myself aside for a few minutes, and thinking about the bigger picture, i am re-writing my list.

This is what i would like:

1) A healthy family (incluing a possible...i am saying possible..... new addition in 2011 or 2012.
2) Patience and dedication to study and learn what i need to study and learn
3) A family that gets along and helps out each other :)
4) A good balance of work, family, and "me" time (which includes exercising)
5) And maybe some small diamond earrings.


I think my second list is a lot less selfish. Again, i don't NEED all of those things but they are at least obtainable and reasonable. And i think my hubby would FLIP if i got another dog.

I am very blessed. My family lives close by and i get to spend a lot of time with them. My family is healthy and i have a wonderful husband and daughter. And i am alive- i am breathing, healthy, and doing what i love. I am very blessed.

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