Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It is cold outside, i mean REALLY cold! I woke up to find it is 29 degrees outside and then watched the news and saw that it is going to be 20 degrees tonight! AHHHHHHHH!!

But the real way i can tell it is cold is that Tiberius sleeps beside me all night long. Usually, my bed mate starts off sleeping beside me and once he gets too hot, he moved to the floor on his "bed." However, when it gets cold outside, our wood floors get cold, and that means his bed is cold. And mine is warm and apparently even Tiberius gets cold. So he sleeps beside me....all night long.....snoring, dreaming, and just in general being a big doofy.

Berry gave me one of the best presents ever a few years ago (besides diamonds, of course)....an electric blanket. I would turn it on a hour or so before bedtime and then jump into a nice warm bed. I used it so much that the heating coils stopped working on my side and i had to flip the blanket around and use the other side of heating coils. Those stopped working after a year too.

So, i am now on the hunt for two electric blankets. A queen size for taylor and then a king size for myself. It will make this cold season much more tolerable!

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