Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not much to say...

So, unfortunately i don't have much to say today......it's cold, i'm working, and i'm tired.
Those three statements pretty much sum up my life and sum up the past 14 days of December.

I cannot believe that Christmas is 11 days away. It sure feels like it- the weather is blustery and cold (19 degrees with wind chill this morning) and the city (including my house, all store, and even the hospital) is decorated for Christmas. But in other ways it doesn't feel like it. Taylor will be gone visiting her dad and i will be working. I shouldn't complain, as i had thanksgiving free from hospital call, but there is something about working on a holiday that is just depressing.

I do have to show off our Christmas tree this year......which isn't really a Christmas tree at all. I didn't feel like getting it out of storage and getting all the ornaments out, just to not have taylor here and to be working on Christmas day. So i opted to buy this instead.....i love it!

I'll try to get a pic of it with all the presents under it (and not the pic from the side of the box). It really is adorable!

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