Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit!"

"A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit!" said Carrie Bradshaw as she encountered a squirrel on the window ledge of the "country" house that her boyfriend Aidan built.

I use this quote because we have a new addition to our family. And while i would like our new addition to be a 4 legged wrinkly bloodhound, it is not. It is a bushy tailed small rodent....a squirrel. Now, i am not quite sure how a squirrel got into our garage but it has been living in the garage attic for some time.
I first found evidence of our new guest right after Thanksgiving, as i was getting the christmas decorations out. I noticed one of Berry's guitar cases had been chewed up....and i mean, pretty much the entire outer part of the case had been eaten.
"Beeeeeeerrrryyyy! Come here!" And with that yell, the battle against the squirrel began.

The squirrel has become a bit more ballsy. At first we didn't even know he (or she) was living in the garage. But i think with the cold, he (or she) wants to get closer to the warmth of the house....because the garage is not heated, mind you. He (or she) has been crawling through the walls of the garage, getting closer to our tv room and bedroom......we can hear him moving around. And even though we have been setting traps to catch him, the little bugger keeps on eating the peanut butter off the trap and not even setting off the trap at all!

And then today, i found in our laundry room /dog kennel room (which is connected to the garage), that the squirrel had knocked over the dog treat bag and chewed a hole in it....eating all the delicious treats that are meant for MY BABIES......NOT THIS DANG SQUIRREL!

I am not quite sure what to do now....i don't want him hurt but i want him OUT OF MY HOUSE!
I am pretty sure if i came face to face with this squirrel, i would scream like Carrie Bradshaw did when she saw the squirrel. I however, do not think i could give him props for his outfit.....i don't care what he wears, i just want him to stop destroying stuff in my house!!!

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