Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DIY...thanks Pinterest!

Ok, let's face it.  I am not "crafty" or "artistic."  I think with the left side of my brain.  I have no imagination.  And i certainly don't come up with great ideas on my own.

However, Pinterest.com has been a lifesaver over the past 10 months.  I can't remember exactly when i was introduced to it (or who introduced it to me) but now i have lots of ideas for recipes, clothes, wedding decorations (haha), newborn pictures (hehe), and DIY projects.

Remember my oyster shell mirror?  You can go back and read my blog here.  I was kinda crafty then.  Didn't use pinterest,but i did get the idea from the internet.  
Unfortunately I consider the mirror a minor fail in the DIY project arena.  
The mirror is too large.  Too heavy.   And while amazing and stunningly beautiful, not what i was expecting.

 So when someone on pinterest repinned how to store your jewelry with a hanging jewelry organizer,
 i knew i had to make one.  I mean, who better than me to:
1) get organized
2) show off my jewelry
3) attempt to be crafty

So i had two 12x12 inch mirrors left over from my mirror project.  
And i bought shadow boxes to frame them in (yea Target!).  
Then i ALSO found on Pinterest how to make copy-cat distressed mirrors, similar to ones from Anthropologie (that cost 100-200 dollars there!!!)
Go HERE for the link.

After distressing my mirrors, gluing a pretty back to show through the mirror, and putting it all in the frame, and THEN screwing in hooks around the edges.....

Close up....
(i put old sheet music behind the frame for it to show through....but you can use fabric, wall paper, etc)

Both of them....

Aren't they so cool!?!?!?!
I feel so organized and it is a great decoration for the bare walls of my bedroom.

Oh- and if you want to help me out- please buy my bar that i need to get rid of within the next 2 weeks.
Go HERE for more details.

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