Saturday, August 25, 2012

How long have you been here??

For the past three months i did research and A LOT of studying....but now i am back working on the wards and ICU.

I have been at MUSC for 10 years.  I started Medical School in 2003 and that is 4 years, then 3 years for Internal Medicine Residency, and THEN i decided that i loved the ICU and Pulmonary issues, so i decided to do a fellowship....and i am in my 3rd year of Pulmonary Fellowship.  I have been here forever!

It isn't a bad thing because I love MUSC and the programs i am in.  And i have met some really wonderful people and have learned a lot.  But i have been here for a loooong time......and it is not just me that thinks that.
Since i am back roaming the halls of the hospital, i am running into people i have worked with over the years.  I hope they remember me bc i am nice or funny....and not because i was the intern that slept through my pages while on call (yep- i totally did that).
This is what i have heard just over the past week.
"Aren't you an attending yet?"
"When will you graduate?"
"You are still here?  I thought you would be done by now."

Well, in 10 months i will graduate.  To do what?.......  I don't know.  But possibilities are endless and i think my future is very exciting!

Well, i am off to bed.  I will say good morning tp everyone (but goodnight for me since i was on call last night).
Have a wonderful weekend!

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