Friday, August 3, 2012

Tweet. Tweet.

Do you follow me on Twitter?  I didn't think so.  It is ok.....i forgot i had a twitter account too.

So...... long ago (2 years ago) when i was a 3rd year resident, my chief resident, Clay Shamblin, roasted the CRAP out of me at our end of the year roast for some (if not all) of my facebook posts.  Ok yes, i was oversharing.  I mean, who really cares about my vajazzling?  Or my need for beef jerky and Diet Mt Dew at the VA before ICU rounds?  I know, i know.....i shouldn't have put that stuff out there.  But i did.  And it provided excellent fuel for the roast.  Everyone laughed.  I had to laugh (it was pretty funny).  But who is going to laugh last?  Me!  Because now, Clay is my co-fellow and we still have one year together where i can plot to make an amazing roast about him.  Hehehehehe (that is my evil laugh.....Clay better watch out).

Anyway, i digress.

I started "tweeting" in place of Facebook because i figured less people would read it and i could say whatever i wanted to.  Well, it turns out that my life just wasn't interesting enough to tweet about day in and day out.  Or maybe life got too busy.  Anyway, now my twitter is just random pictures of tiberius or the pool, or funny retweets from friends or quotes about love.

This morning i stumbled across this and this .  Thank you twitter!
Both links are Jimmy Kimmel videos from his TV show.  Apparently he has gotten some of his guests to read mean tweets about themselves.....and it is hysterical.  I might have laughed out loud in the library.
And i *might* have watched both videos.  3 times each.

My thought for today:

Happy Friday!  TGIF!

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