Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A new month

Ahhh.  August 1st.
What happened to July?  Wait, what happened IN July?  Looking back at my posts....not much.  3 posts in July.  WEAK.  Sorry y'all.  I've been busy, preoccupied, and again, busy.

So busy i had to drive 1132 miles (round trip) to the Capital for 5 days of learning.
I did get to stay here (thanks mom and dad) ....better late than never.

And yeah, this is real.   It says $4.69 for regular.  Yep.

And this sums up my week in class.  Lol.

But lucky for me, after the class ended, I was able to go to the Arlington National Cemetery to visit one of my patients.  He (and his family) actually had a huge impact on me (and Taylor believe it or not) and i wanted to let him know that.

And apparently i was missed while i was gone.  :)

Oh- and while i was in our nation's capital, about 700 miles south was my daughter and her BFF, her father and his wife, and his wife's family spending the week at the beach.  LUCKY!!
Here is Taylor and Suzzzzzzzzz....
...ummm...i think Suz is wearing MY bathingsuit!

And Taylor and James (her brother)
(yea for smiling with her teeth!!!)

And Taylor and Suzzzzzz and James.
ps- James likes blondes...he loved Suzanne.  :)

Oh- and as soon as we got home, Taylor had a babysitting job!
I mean, she has to pay for gas to drive to school this year (eeek!) so she is FOR HIRE!  Spread the word!
Here is adorable baby D.  We played, ate goldfish and applesauce, and helped him climb the stairs while his dad kite-boarded (don't you love all the things we have at our fingertips in SC?!?!)

Now it is August 1st.
12 days until THE BIG ONE.
Taylor starts 10th grade (eeek) in 3 weeks.


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