Sunday, July 22, 2012

Magic Mike.......what can i say???

In May of this year while i was on night float, a cute little Neuro intern told me that she wanted to see 
Magic Mike.  I had NEVER heard of the movie before, so she googled the trailer for me.  The next three minutes were a blur of Channing Tatum's beautiful body and the thought of a movie about male strippers.  
I was sold!!

I didn't even attempt to see the movie on opening night (didn't want to fight the crowds).  But after one failed attempt, I did finally settle into the movie theater with 2 wonderful women from the VA UC this past Thursday to watch the movie.
And this is what i thought of the movie:

The good: hot!

The bad:  Everything else

Seriously.  Everything else was bad. Magic Mike isn't the glitter-caked bachelorette party romp promised in the trailers...there is a story behind it.  A really bad story.  Basically, the main character, Mike (Channing Tatum), is a hunky guy who strips for the money but dreams of building custom furniture while living in Tampa.  His boss, is the strip club's owner Dallas (a marvelously slimy Matthew McConaughey) who wants to expand the "business" to Miami.  Unfortunately a chance encounter with 19-year-old Adam (Alex Pettyfer), whom Mike sets up with a job at the club, starts to change how Mike sees his long-delayed plans for the future, and ultimately Adam becomes a druggie and Mike quits the business.
Oh yeah, and there is this side story about Adam's sister, Brooke (played by Cody Horn), who ultimately falls for Mike.  And seriously, worst dialogue EVER between Brooke and Adam when she finds his bag of "goodies" that he wears to work.
It goes something like this:
Brooke (while banging on the bathroom door): "adam, come out here."
Adam (while shaving his legs): "can this wait?"
Brooke: "no, i mean, i found your bag.  It has costumes and g-strings in it.  are you, or are you not gay?"
Adam (opens the door): "it is"
Brooke: "at the construction zone.....wait, are you shaving your legs?  Is that my razor?"

It gets worse.  I won't subject you to it.
Let's just pretend i didn't see the movie and lets just look at the pretty pictures.
Seriously, it doesn't get better than this....

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