Friday, July 6, 2012

Finally Friday!

Not a lot to say....i think the heat has sucked out all of my creative juices.
Isn't this the perfect picture?
Only thing better would be if the pic was of Tiberius (it is not Ti- he has a bit more grey around his sad...he is almost 5!).

AND this has been the strangest week ever.  Who decided that a fun, booze filled holiday should be on a Wednesday?  I mean, i know it is the 4th and we have to celebrate it on the 4th......but come on.  Wednesday was like a little teaser of a weekend and then, boom!  Back to work on thursday and friday.  It was such a letdown! And now my body is is Friday and the weekend is coming but i am still recovering from Wednesday!

Oh- and i do have to brag about something that i found on the internet (because SOME people think i spend too much time on it)....
....the best body scrub ever (and cheapest too!)
basically take sugar, oil (i used pecan oil), and a few table spoons of citrus juice (i used lime)- mix them together....i put it in a mason jar.....and then take a shower.  shave your legs.  take a handful of the sugar scrub and scrub your legs, and then rinse.  then shave again.
i promise, you will have the MOST SMOOTH LEGS EVER! 
I made a jar for taylor too and she sent me a text when i was at work telling me the stuff was "amazing!"

Well, i am spending my Friday afternoon watching Friends on TBS (4-6 pm are the BEST hours of tv ever!).....which feels like a perfect ending to this crazy week.  Hopefully I will get a surge of energy to go out and get dinner (and drinks) or make dinner....... or something.  AND my friend Jen Sample and her family (BF and 2 girls- ages 3 and 9 mo) are coming to stay with me this weekend.  Let the craziness begin!!!

Have a fun and safe weekend!

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