Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday things

I'm still busy but i am going to share some thoughts...

1) My motto for this week.......

2) and sometimes you need to stop playing the victim and make things happen the way YOU want it to.  I'm tired of being bullied. 
 3) This doesn't even need any caption.....

4) True.  We all don't wear our hearts on our sleeves like i do.  Or use a blog (again, like i do) to vent frustration or to blab about issues.  Some people suffer in silence.  Some people place bandaids on their bullet holes.  Be kind to those you interact with every day.

5) Thank you Proverbs for reminding me that i should not fear the future.

6) Amen.
And prayers will be appreciated on Monday morning at 8 am.

7) A handwritten note (on a hand).
I <3 u.
Plain and simple.

Happy Tuesday.  Hope everyone has a good week.  Now back to work!

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