Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Things

Happy Tuesday everyone.  Remember me?  Yes, i am alive.....but barely!  The ICU is fun but wow is it exhausting.

A few things:
1) Remember this oyster shell mirror that i vowed to make?

 Well....it is done....and looks like this!

 And this....
By the way, the plan was to have it set up above the fireplace but IT IS TOO BIG.  I mean, it is huge!  The mirror itself (actually 4 mirrors put together) is 24' x 24'.  Add another 8-12 inches of shells and it is about 34 inches by 34 inches.  It didn't seem THAT big when i was making it....yes i know it took me forever to make, henceforth, probably a very large mirror.....but you would laugh if you saw me and tay attempt to hang it over the fireplace.  EPIC FAIL!  So its resting place is on top of the small bar in our tv room.

2) This is Taylor's 3 favorite things to eat- all in one meal.....sorry, the pic isn't great and it really looks like piles of mush on a plastic plate (hehe) but seriously.....each one is A-mazing!
Copy the recipes and try them....NOW!
And if you have to make just one thing- make two- the chicken and the tots.  You won't be sorry!

Melt in your mouth chicken (but i use greek yogurt instead of mayo)
Truffled tater tots
Polenta with mushrooms
And of course Taylor likes to get creative with her food.

Well, that is it for me. 
TWO THINGS on my tuesday things- wow.......I am boring! 
Actually i am just busy.  My day goes like this- wake up, eat, drive to work, work, drive home, drink a sweet tea vodka, eat, drink a glass of wine, go to sleep.  Repeat.
Hopefully something more interesting will happen soon!

But for now, have a wonderful week!

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