Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday things

1st off- where did April go?  The last i remember, it was the beginning of April and i was trying to figure out what to do with the month.  And now it is the 26th.....month almost over....and "real" work begins on May 1st.  That's right- MICU look out- i'm back!!!
I have to admit, i am excited to get back into the ICU.  I feel a bit rusty because i am a firm believer in "if you don't use it, you lose it"........and i haven't been in the MICU since September (MSICU was December).  And next year i don't do the MICU at all.  This is my last hurrah!  My last month of night float as a fellow.  My last month of running codes, doing admissions, and helping with central lines as a fellow.  You bet your sweet butt i am going to work my tail off.

2nd- Did you know i actually read for fun this month?
I ended up choosing The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks.  Partly because i am a sucker for Sparks and partly because i am a sucker for Zac Efron .  And before you say anything- he is 24.  Completely legal.  And completely yummy.

Ok, so yes, i read the book.  Actually, what happened was i read 3/4 of the book over spring break and got "bored."  And therefore i skipped ahead and flipped to the last few pages and saw that someone died.  Now don't worry- i am not telling who died so it is not like i am giving it away....AND you have to realize that someone ALWAYS dies in a Nicholas Sparks book/movie.  Anyway, i was so pissed about the death that i stopped reading the book all together. 
Fast forward to yesterday (2 weeks from when i swore i would never read another Nicholas Sparks book) and i picked it back up again, attempting to finish the book, although i knew the ending.  And dumb me- i assumed the wrong person had died and was pissed for nothing.  It was a great book and a good ending and i was really happy when i finished it.
Next book for fun- Fifty shades of Grey (ohhh la la).  But i won't read that til studying is done.

3rd- Oh yeah, let me bring up the fact that i might be a t-total bitch over the next few months as i hunker down and start studying again.  Let me remind you, i am studying AGAIN so it doesn't make me happy. What also doesn't make me happy is the amount of money i have paid to become a board certified physician.  And it only gets worse with pulmonary and critical care boards next year when i finish fellowship. What does make me happy is knowing how much i am going to learn from studying.  What also makes me happy is the picture of Zac Efron.....*sigh*   Go look at it

4th- Have i updated you on my craft project?  I was inspired by this blog when i found an oyster shell mirror on Pinterest that i liked.  Unfortunately it was $495 dollars!  Don't have that $ to spend!

So i thought, "how hard can it be to make one???"
Famous last words....
Lucky for me i had oyster shells left over from the Oyster Roast i had for the fellows in November (see, i am such a good co-worker).  I put them in bleach and water to clean them and let them soak for about a week.  Then went to Lowes- bought a square mirror, some plywood, something to hang the mirror with and some extra strength glue.  And i have been back to Lowes approx 15 more times to buy MORE glue.  It takes a LOT OF GLUE!!
This project i though would take about a week....but i am now on the 3rd week!  It has completely taken over my beautiful dinning room and there are oyster shells everywhere!  And Tiberius likes to grab them out of the buckets and chew on them!
Here is some progress pics.....

Another small set back was the gash i gave myself on my R middle finger.  And of course knowing too much medicine, i promptly called my best friend to write me a script for Doxy so that i wouldn't get Vibrio.  And let me tell you- Doxycycline is a drug from the devil.  It is BID dosing and it says to take 1-2 hours before eating or 2-4 hours after eating.  It didn't matter when i took it- on an empty stomach, on a full stomach, on a semi-empty stomach- it made me throw up.  Twice a day.  For the 4 days i took it (i quit early- was suppose to take a 7 day course but my poor stomach couldn't take it anymore).  It gave me flashbacks of my binging/purging days- and i hadn't thrown up in 4 years (whoo hooo go me!!) i broke my own rule about taking all of the medications- and i quit early.  And from now on, when i write a script for Doxy to any of my patients, i will warn them of this drug from the devil!

Well, those are my thursday things!
Can't wait for the weekend- this is a CF Birthday benefit on Friday night- get to drink Champagne and help out a good cause, my buddy Brent!  and then it is my last weekend to relax before the ICU.  I am going to finish my mirror (a lofty goal!!)

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